Floral Entertainment Ideas

March 06, 2018

Festival Foxes female band

Who doesn’t love flowers? Most would agree that their day is immeasurably improved if they receive a bouquet of flowers at work and there’s just something about display a few stems in a brand new vase on the kitchen table, isn’t there? Florists are ordinarily the people to contact if you want anything from roses to tulips at your next event, but us entertainment suppliers shouldn’t be far behind. Why? Well…

Flora & Fauna

 Let’s start with this incredible creative flower power duo! Stilt walkers with a dress sense that would stun forest folk throughout the UK, Flora & Fauna are the perfect meet and greet act for any dinner party or event. What if it’s a bit cold and spring hasn’t yet sprung in time for your event? No problem! These two exceptional performers wear a stunning array of realistic silk flowers so they’ll always be the most colourful couple in the room. That is unless you book…

Flower Folk

 Another meet and greet act that will be loved by every single one of your guests, the Flower Folk are an eye-catching addition to any event or garden party. In short: they’ll ensure that your next soiree is blooming marvellous (sorry!) An excellent choice for those looking for a social media kick from their function, few can resist the temptation to take a selfie with these loveable characters. Hay fever sufferers need not stay away either; the petals are merely authentic recreations of the real thing and given enough time, a special costume can be created to fit your brand. Fab!

Festival Foxes

We promise that not every act begins with an F when it comes to floral entertainment ideas. That being said, this third act on our list does continue the pattern. Festival Foxes bring to mind those perfect summer days that felt like they’d never come to an end. A stylish, all-female, festival-style four-piece, their music is perfect for spring and summer, and their repertoire is heavily inspired by the likes of Mumford & Sons, Beach House and First Aid Kit.

Living Topiary

See, it’s not all about the letter ‘F’. Living Topiary have caused us to dispense with this blog’s pattern and embrace the fact that beginning your act with a different letter from the alphabet is perfectly fine as well. Created to surprise guests as well as entertain, Living Topiary embody all that is fun about booking entertainment. What at first appears to be human-shaped hedges turns out to be hedge-shaped humans! Have your camera at the ready, you won’t want to miss snapping your meeting with these two!

Morris Dancers

 Okay, so they aren’t technically a floral entertainment idea but they are associated with May Day and British history and the odds are that you’ll only ever see Morris Dancers when spring is in full bloom. A traditional dance form, a local troupe have the power to bring a wry smile to the face of anybody watching and are perfect for everything from a small village fete to a fiercely traditional corporate event. Go on, book some Morris Dancers. You know you want to.

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By Henry Fosdike