"Corporate Events? Humbug!" or "Scrooge meets Flood the Floor at South Lodge Hotel"

December 14, 2011



Jacob Marley was dead to begin with, which makes it very difficult to book him for Corporate Events - Ebenezer Scrooge on the other hand was available and happy for the opportunity to perform at South Lodge for a recent corporate event. Our costumed Dickensian Character acted as MC for an evening of entertainment in the stunningly decorated Marquee of the picturesque venue.

A couple of guests break through Scrooges miserly exterior
Dressed in full Victorian costume including Top Hat and Tails, Scrooge acted as an entertainingly gruff, misanthropic host to the delight of guests, many of whom were so taken with the humbugging hero of Dickens’ seasonal classic that they insisted on posing for pictures with him, despite Scrooge's less than accommodating manner. Scrooge was an inspired change of pace from the usual warm, accommodating master of ceremonies and having him remain in character for the evening proved to be a masterstroke at such a festive event.

Pianist Hamish entertains Guests at South Lodge 
Elsewhere, the entertainment was a little less Dickensian but no less enjoyable. We supplied a pair of Henna Tattoo artists who applied meticulously detailed temporary tattoos to guests. The henna tattooist was a great talking point for guests and gave them a fun but thankfully fleeting idea of what it would be like to have a swirling floral design creeping up their necks. Leaving his mark in a slightly different manner was our pianist Hamish who provided some elegant background music during drinks and dinner. 

 Flood the Floor begin the Floor Flooding at South Lodge
The big draw for the evening, however was seasoned function band Flood the Floor whose electrifying set of thrilling cover versions made sure that the floor remained suitably flooded. The band displayed an admirable eagerness to interact with the audience who, in turn were more than game to join in with spontaneous dance offs and spirited sing-alongs. The 6-piece line-up featured a male and female vocalist that allowed the band to cover a wider range of songs and genres to ensure that none of the 500 guests were left disappointed.

Take a look at some more pictures from the event below.

Look how Flooded that Floor is! Nice Work Guys!Guests werewaxing lyrical about South Lodge's sophisticated use of candles. A Damn sight more sophisticated than these caption puns anyway. Flood the Floor on stage at South Lodge SLR Photography? Humbug! Keyboards? Humbug! (Yes, I'm going to keep doing that)

 Energetic Young Function Bands with Genre Straddling repertoirs? Humbug!

"Suppliers of Entertainment for Corporate Events and Private Functions in London and the UK?" Hum-Oh you get the idea

For more information on our range of costumed characters, Henna Tattoo artists or the brilliant Flood the Floor, get in touch through out Contact Section.