Flashmob and Ballet Pole at The Natural History Museum

October 20, 2011



We're big believers in the art of the "Surprise Act" at Corporate Events; whether that's our Singing Waiters breaking into song whilst serving dessert or Wandering Hands getting up close and personal for an impromptu sing-along, entertainment that comes out of the blue is a powerful weapon to have in any events arsenal. It can be a great way of grabbing attention before an announcement or simply giving people a wake-up call after dinner or speeches.

Our flashmob rehearse that elephant move from the previous picture. You're getting there guys.

For a recent event at the Natural History Museum, we provided that most surprising of Surprise Acts; The Flashmob. Following a series of awards announcements, guests were ready to go back to their drinks when a few of their number burst into song. Our Flashmob members had taken their places among the audience ready to burst into a song and dance routine that gradually made its way to the stage for a full performance.

Though it may not seem like it from these pictures, these guys have more moves than just "Hands Up" and "Hands Down"

Performing Flashmob staples such as 'Thriller', 'Don't Stop Believing' and 'Firework' - our troupe delighted guests with a carefully choreographed show that took full advantage of the venue whilst drawing the audience's attention back towards the stage for the next part of the evening.

A true gentleman would have lowered that camera.

Hot on the heels of our Flashmob was a mesmerising Ballet Pole performance that was just as surprising. Taking inspiration from the recent film The Black Swan and mixing that with the dark arts of pole dancing, our costumed ballerina put on a high-energy display of breath-taking poise and skill that had everyone talking long into the evening.

Our Ballet pole act has proven more popular since 1990 thanks to the abolition of Pole Tax.

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