Flamenco from Andalus at Stationers Hall

July 29, 2011




There’s been a lot of talk lately about outdoor events and the entertainment that best suits them and yet we’ve foolishly neglected to mention of one of our most popular acts for outdoor corporate events, Andalus. Andalus have long been the UK’s leading proponents of Latin, Flamenco music in the style of the Gypsy Kings.

Andalus perform at Stationers Hall

The Band played as a trio at an event at Stationers Hall last week and were a brilliant choice to set the scene for an event on a hot summer night. Instantly creating a relaxed, chilled out atmosphere, Andalus quickly drew a crowd into the leafy courtyard area where guests were able to unwind with a cocktail or two whilst enjoying the music.

Andalus perform at Stationers Hall

The talented musicians of Andalus displayed a level of finger-twiddling dexterity that most guitarists would cut their arms off for only to then realise that in cutting one arm off, they have ruined their chances of ever playing the guitar to the level for which they cut their arms off to achieve in the first place.

And the lush, secluded courtyard of the venue proved to be the ideal spot for an outdoor summer corporate event offering a calm, quiet haven in the very centre of London’s world-famous financial district – especially welcome on such a humid night.


Andalus perform at Stationers Hall

Take a listen to Andalus by following this here link and see what you think!