Flame Oz, Laura Wright & More @ ExCeL Arena

September 02, 2019

We were delighted to be able to provide a whole host of entertainment at the ExCeL Arena in East London earlier this week. Toby Merritt kindly agreed to photograph all of our fab acts for the opening and closing of Younique’s event and the result is the set of stunning photos below.

Laura Wright is a performer who needs no introduction. A singer that has performed at numerous sporting events, festivals and yes, our recent showcase, you are sure to have seen her on your TV at some point in the last few years. She even just finished recording an episode of Songs of Praise! At the ExCeL Arena she was in sparkling form as she sang a couple of songs for an exultant crowd. We certainly loved hearing her sing once more and cannot wait to work with her again in the future.

       Speaking of ‘sparkling’, let’s move on to ‘sparklers’ and the delightful circus entertainment that is Flame Oz. Featuring performers that have worked with Cirque du Soleil for a great many years, the team always put on an incredible act and the ExCel stage was a perfect example of just what they can do. Able to perform both inside and out thanks to their unique way of creating fire, the team juggled, rotated and danced with all manner of props both during Laura’s set and as part of their own showpiece event. As you can see, sparks flew and the spectacle was really quite amazing.

       Closing the show at the same event (pictures pending!), we were only too happy to once again turn to The Goldstone Singers for some amazing vocals and Box 9 for some bombastic percussion. This hugely experienced drumline are always a pleasure to work with and once again they blasted the room with their routine; no dressing up this time – it was simply a fab show that everybody could enjoy. Performing a bespoke performance that featured the company name, the hugely talented Goldstone trio (whom we last saw at a fab James Bond event) and dancers this was an utterly fabulous spectacular and one that nobody in attendance will be forgetting in a hurry!

            The ExCeL Arena is one of those venues that is not only a blank canvas but can also absolutely dominate your event with its gargantuan size if you aren’t quite sure how to fill it. Thankfully for Younique’s event, the entertainment was just right and Laura, Box 9 and Flame Oz were the perfect acts for the occasion. We cannot wait for more fun in the future and our thanks must once again go to Toby Merritt for his fab photos.



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By Henry Fosdike