Five Wonderful Ways to Remember Your Event

August 16, 2016

Be it a corporate event, private party or wedding there are a number of ways to look back on your event that don’t include photography. Here, we run through five brilliant ways to remember your event!

Eyecon Art

Okay so technically we’re breaking our own rule in that opening paragraph as Eyecon Art is essentially a photograph. But don’t go thinking that this is the same as hiring a photographer for an event. Rather than capture you standing awkwardly by the DJ as you ponder which canapés to chow down on, Eyecon Art will have you heading home with an incredibly close-up shot of your eye. Every iris is unique and dare we say it, look tremendous!


If you’re looking to hire a caricaturist for an event, then you have got to make sure that you are fine with having your eyebrows accentuated and your nose looking a little larger than in real life. But that’s all part of the fun! A good caricaturist knows how to drawn a cartoon-style representation of their subject without causing offence and the best part is that with modern technology being what it is, you can take home a paper or digital version.

Silhouette Artist

The heights of the vaudeville era are in full display in the form of a silhouette artist, who can snip your profile into a piece of black card in the space of a matter of minutes. The best bit about this incredible form of entertainment is that you can go home and frame your silhouette later, with each individual creation being stuck onto a quality back lining.

Mash Machine

Why does everything that provides a memory of an event have to be visual? The answer is that they don’t, especially when you’re dealing with the Mash Machine, an fabulous box of audio delights which allows you to be the DJ! After moving around a few small squares (or even chocolates which you could take home!), you’ll be created your very own music track with drum beats, bass lines and a solid rhythm guitar section to impress your friends. If you make a particularly compelling piece of music then you can save your track and enjoy it on the way home on your iPod. Amazing.

Screen Printing

Whether you call it screen printing, letter pressing or something completely different, these fabulous contraptions can have you created your very own work of art in no time! Popular at Somerset House every summer, you too can discover the art of the print. Remember not to limit yourself to paper or card; should you so desire you can create your design on a T-shirt. Wear your creation and remember that party in style!

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By Henry Fosdike