Five videos from the world’s most prestigious street dance intensive that will motivate you to train

July 28, 2015

Most dancers are familiar with top training programs for dance styles like ballet, but what kind of training goes into becoming a street dancer? Most people in the street dance scene will agree that the top program is Urban Dance Camp. Every summer, world-class choreographers and dancers from more than 33 countries gather in Lörrach, Germany to participate in the world’s most prestigious street dance intensive. The summer consists of more than 160 advanced dance classes over a period of 44 days and the choreography never fails to both challenge and impress dancers and spectators. Here are five videos from the intensive that will motivate you to keep training in whatever art you love.

Elastic Heart by Koharu Sugawara (Tokyo, Japan)

Known for having choreographed and danced for major artists including Rihanna, Koharu Sugawara choreographed to Brielle Von Hugel’s cover of Sia’s “Elastic Heart” and showed dancers how strong movements, body control, and passion can completely change the performance of a piece.

Pompeii by Chris Martin (San Diego, California)

Combining slow movements with strong hits, Chris Martin choreography to “Pompeii” by Bastille shows how patience can help build up choreography to make a strong, memorable piece. 

I Can Make Ya Feel by S**t Kingz (Tokyo, Japan)

Known for teaching all over the world and dancing for artists such as Mariah Carey, the four dancers of Japan’s S**t Kingz are perhaps most well-known for their grooves and humour, as evident in their funky piece to Fingazz’s “I Can Make Ya Feel.”

Cups (When I’m Gone) by Keone and Mari (San Diego, California)

Because a majority of street dancers are part of a team, it’s important to learn to connect with other dancers. This partner piece to Anna Kendrick’s “Cups (While I’m Gone)” by Keone and Mari demonstrates how connecting with other dancers can bring a piece to a new level.

I See Fire by Anthony Lee (Los Angeles, California)

With intricate choreography and isolations, Anthony Lee’s choreography to “I See Fire” by Ed Sheeran proves that street dance doesn’t always have to be high-energy to make a performance interesting.


Whatever hobby you have, whether it’s dancing, playing the harp, or performing magic, these videos prove that there is always more to learn and room to grow. 





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By Bonnie Zeng