Five Imaginative Acts for your Event

November 26, 2019

Events are meant to be fun but also inspiring. Seeing the same sort of act at each function can perhaps make things a bit samey, so here are a few imaginative entertainment ideas that your guests may not be expecting, but which we can guarantee will impress.

Zero Central

 A unique circus act, Zero Central incorporate wearable sensors and infrared technology to create visually arresting aerial stage shows unlike anything you may have seen before. With the lighting synchronised to the movements of the performers, it is an imaginative act that has to be seen to be believed.

Zero Central is unlike anything else in the industry and is hugely enjoyable.

Living Topiary

 The ultimate in terms of a fun, imaginative, wandering act that will have even your most sullen guest smiling, Living Topiary are exactly what the name suggests. Imagine the surprise when what appears to be human-shaped hedges are in fact hedge-shaped humans.

A wonderfully creative act with astonishingly detailed costumes, the strolling performers are sure to be a talking point for any evening.


 Supernova is a high-impact, colourful dance show featuring four dancers wearing LED, pixel-mapped video suits.

Colours, shapes, animations, graphics and logos - which can be customised to each client (so use your imagination!) - are displayed on the suits as the dancers perform sharp choreography to a vibrant, eclectic soundtrack which ranges from electronica to blues. Perfect for grabbing the attention of the room.

Mash Machine

 The Mash Machine is an interactive music maker which brings together sound, lighting and video controls into a single user interface.

With 40 carefully selected snippets of sounds, players select and mix bass, drums, melodies and vocals by moving an object across a surface to create one of 10,000 possible playable combinations. The entire system is great fun and fully customisable.

The Mirror Man

 Available as a living statue or strolling act, The Mirror Man is a unique and striking addition to any event, with 6,000 small mirrors attached to his suit.

The epitome of ambient entertainment, The Mirror Man will provide a real talking point without being too obtrusive and is perfect for a range of events, from product launches to themed corporate or private events and exhibitions.

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By Henry Fosdike