5 Horror Films to Inspire Your Hallowe'en Party

September 27, 2018

When it comes to Hallowe'en, you could theme a Hallowe'en party in a generic manner with cobwebs, spiders, skeletons and pumpkins. But if you want to give your Hallowe'en party a horror film list, here are some very cool film and entertainment ideas to make it an evening nobody will ever forget.

Stephen King's It

The beauty of hosting a Hallowe'en party themed around Stephen King's It is that the whole event is incredibly simple. Book costumed characters to dress in yellow coats holding red balloons - ideally facing away from guests - and book a clown (naturally with horrific makeup) to stalk the event and scare guests. If you want to take the theme further, by all means have a paper crafts table where attendees can make paper boats, which can handily be pressed down and act as a nametag. Clever.


Though we frown upon the idea of forcing two groups of guests into doing tasks to save their limbs, you can still have some fun with a Saw theme. Keep the lights down low and have an unseen voice speaking to guests as they enter. Add a digital clock counting down to zero - what will happen next? - as a unique way to say that food is now being served and yes, Jigsaw can always be cycling around the venue on his tricycle. Feel free to theme the event with numerous tasks from the movie franchise as well.

A Nightmare on Elm Street

Another easy theme to set up - simply hang an 'Elm Street' sign in your event space to create the titular setting - the beauty of holding an A Nightmare on Elm Street Hallowe'en party is that Freddy Krueger haunts the teenagers in their dreams. When it comes to event themes, nothing is more broad than 'dreams' as an idea because it be anything you want. Book macabre dancers, circus acts, costumed characters-- Anything at all! Just be sure to have Freddy interrupt each scene throughout the evening (or perhaps meander through the audience) to ensure that the scares keep coming!

Night of the Living Dead

Not every Hallowe'en party has to focus on the slasher genre! George A. Romero's franchise about 'living dead' or zombies as we now call them is sure to impress when guests enter a venue to be greeted by a horde of the undead. We highly reccomend booking a photo booth to capture the experience and numerous attendees can enjoy an evening of avoiding the zombie outbreak. Marvellous.


John Carpenter's Halloween franchise is perhaps the most famous of all horror movies. Not only did it give the world Michael Myers, a deranged masked killer who famous brings all manner of terrors to Jamie Lee Curtis' main character, but it also spawned a number of sequel including the frankly mad Halloween III, a film that focuses on the idea of a song turning the public insane. We highly recommend not only booking a costumed Michael Myers to scare patrons but also playing 'Happy happy Halloween' on a loop to really send those in attendance insane. Have a listen to the song below. We guarantee you won't be able to listen to it three times in a loop...

That's it from us and we are sorry we couldn't include other classic horror movies like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Friday the 13th or Scream. Which film will you base your Hallowe'en party on?  




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By Henry Fosdike