Five Great Speakers for Leadership Speeches

July 21, 2016

With Theresa May having moved in to number 10, there are a number of big leadership speeches that she’ll no doubt have to do. Indeed, her cabinet will also being having to speak regularly and to avoid the difficult situation Boris Johnson found himself in the other day, it may make sense for the government to invest in a few leadership speakers to learn exactly how to do their job. Without further ado, we’ve come up with five great speakers who led from the front!

Nick Fry

The former CEO of Mercedes AMG Petronas in F1, Nick Fry (above) certainly knows a thing or two about leadership. As anyone who has seen Rush will know, Formula 1 is filled with big egos (and one very famous small person). In his speech, Nick can deliver insights and anecdotes from the world of motor car racing, whilst also demonstrating the key factors for decision makers looking for return on their investment. A true leader!

Gerald Ratner

 Oh boy. Gerald Ratner is a fascinating speaker to hire for your event, not least because he learned what not to do as a leader when one speech he gave saw his company lose £500 million in value overnight. The former CEO of Ratners Jewellers, he steered the company to record profits until his gaffe. A true icon of the business world, Ratner’s speech can of course go in two different ways. What to do to build your business and also what not to do when holding a public platform.

Peter Reid

 A revered international football star, Peter Reid is perhaps best known these days for his management of Sunderland in the early 2000s, with whom he gained promotion and also staved off the threat of relegation. Having also appeared at the 1986 World Cup and 1988 European Championships, he is able to talk about leadership on and off the football field with the anecdotes to go with it!

Maxwell Hutchinson

 Imagine hiring the President for your event. Why imagine? In the form of Maxwell Hutchinson, you can have a real life former President speak at your event. Yes, we know he never lived in the White House and might not be the President you’re thinking about, but Maxwell Hutchinson was President of the Royal Institute of British Architects between 1989 and 1991. Still a practising architect, he has a huge number of things to talk about in regards to the London skyline and more. A leader in the very best sense of the world, Hutchinson will ensure that he provides the building blocks (sorry) on which your business can flourish.

David Fishwick

 Having left school at 16 with no qualifications, David Fishwick is now a multi-millionaire having founded what is today the biggest minibus supplier business in Britain. A fantastic example of what can be done with an ambitious plan and the determination and desire to succeed, David Fishwick is also no stranger to presenting work, having appeared on Channel 4’s Bank of Dave, a look at the British banking system. A consummate professional with a breezy personality, David is a born leader and his enthusiastic nature is sure to rub off on your guests.

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By Henry Fosdike