Five Great Magic Tricks

June 18, 2015

We love magic. Who doesn’t? Well, to be honest, there’s always somebody who doesn’t but this blog is not for them. Here, we’re going to celebrate five unbelievable magic tricks that have to be seen to be believed.

And no, that one where David Blaine climbed into a box for 40 days over the Thames does not feature.

David Copperfield – The Death Saw

The amazing thing about this one is that it isn’t an illusion. The entire magic trick went completely wrong but David Copperfield has such long hair (what a bouffant), that he defied the laws of life and just carried on performing. His hair is kind of like Samson but rather than strength, it just enhances your magic potential. Hell, it’s so good that he even went flying at one stage. Anyway, we love the death saw because it encapsulates everything that is great about magic. Suspense, a little hint of cheesiness (the eighties were an amazing time to be alive) and at the end of it all, unabashed wonder. Nice one, Dave.

Harry Blackstone, Jr. - Floating Light Bulb

It’s done with string, right? Or wires? But then how come the audience can examine it? And what about the fact that it’s lit the entire time? And then—And then how come--? Yes, there are a number of amazing magic tricks but Harry Blackstone, Jr.’s Floating Light Bulb earns a place here because it’s probably the closest you can get to really believing in magic outside of being a child. It’s got the wonder and the majesty of a bombastic stage performance whilst also utilising the very best attributes of close-up magic. Amazing in every way.

The Pendragons - Metamorphosis

The quick change effect is one that has thrilled magic audiences for decades and this one is no different. Okay, it is a little different because it’s literally the fastest one in history. The sheet goes up, the sheet comes down and bam! The Pendragons have changed places. It’s simple, it’s effective and it even goes one stage further than you expect with a costume change. Impressive stuff.

Lance Burton – Dove Work & Candle Magic

I don’t even—What? What did we just witness? This is the sort of magic that really defies belief. Doves and candles coming and going with some smarmy visual flair to go with it. Lance Burton delivers the routine with an impressively smug ‘I know it’s awesome’ smile and the whole just works perfectly from the mood lighting to the choice to perform it silently. This is a routine that actually won a FISM Award, which is an accomplishment given out by the Fédération Internationale des Sociétés Magiques, one of the most respected organisations in the magic community.

Shawn Farquhar – Signed Card in a Sealed Deck

Another magician to have received an award from FISM is Candian magician, Shawn Farquhar. Now it’s one thing to do an impressive trick to guests at an event or ten feet away sitting in an audience, but it’s quite another to do some magic in front of one of the most well-known magic duo’s in history, Penn and Teller, where they are watching you not to be entertained but to see if they can work out how the trick is done. We don’t want to spoil it for you but needless to say, Shawn is on this list for a reason.

Have we missed out your favourite trick? Of course we wanted to feature loads of amazing ones but we just couldn’t. If you want an amazing magician for your event though, then we know just where you should turn.



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By Henry Fosdike