Five Great Films About Entertainment & Events

June 24, 2019

Well, ish. These are five brilliant films that showcase exactly how hard it is to do what we do and have everything go without a hitch time after time. Problems can of course occur, but this list of films presents a nice way in which we can explain the process behind all the incredible images you see throughout this website. So when you’ve got a minute, get watching!

Learning Your Craft

Sternberg Clarke would be nothing without the wonderful acts that we work with and what better way to represent these stars than by utilising that most famous of films from 2003, School of Rock. Admittedly there is no representation of Sternberg Clarke within the film  (we’ll rock up just after the end credits have rolled and ensure plenty of great events for the kids in the future), but acts are nothing without their teachers so to you fine folk who moulded all of our entertainment acts into what they are today, we – and the rest of the events entertainment world – salute you.

Assembling the Right Lineup

We often get enquiries from clients whom are unsure exactly what they’re after. They have an idea in their head of what might work but they often need it refining or require a guiding hand to lead them through a venue they aren’t really all that familiar with. It’s then our job to hear the brief and put together just the right combination to wow guests and allow the evening to go without a hitch. What better way to showcase our role here than with Ocean’s 11. Not only one of the coolest films around, it’s also one of the best, with George Clooney and Brad Pitt planning and carrying out the perfect heist by putting together an awesome lineup of ‘acts’ (note: we do not condone criminal behaviour in any form).

Noises Off

Perhaps more well-known within the theatre than film, Noises Off is still a hilarious look into the exciting world of rehearsing before a main event. The first half in particular showcases the difficulty in making sure that everything goes as planned, which is something that we here at Sternberg Clarke can remember from a number of events gone by. Problems due to various unexpected issues (“Okay, so your car has broken down where, exactly?”) during the final few hours before an event or even just minutes before (looking at you, Wandering Hands getting stuck in a venue's lift), have all been firmly alleviated on our watch. Do they manage to overcome the farcical events in Noises Off though? Well, you’ll just have to see it and find out.

This Is Spinal Tap

If you want to know of the circus of problems that can go on during events then look no further than This Is Spinal Tap the hapless 1984 tour of hard rock music legends, Spinal Tap. Yes, the mockumentary (or rockumentary as they called it) may not be real but it has a number of good examples of how things can wrong during an event. Be it ordering the wrong sized replica of Stonehenge to props that don’t open when required, entertainment event planners around the world winced in the cinema as everybody else howled with laughter.

The Wedding Planner

Self-explanatory as weddings are what we do! (Not so much the falling in love with Matthew McConaughey bit although True Detective was pretty damned good). The Wedding Planner may not be up to much as a slice of entertainment but we couldn’t exactly leave it off this list could we? 





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By Henry Fosdike