Five Exciting Entertainment Acts for 2020

January 02, 2020

Happy new year! We are tremendously excited to see what 2020 offers and have lined up five great acts for you to book this year. From music to magic, circus to dance, these are five acts that we think are sure to impress at your event, no matter the occasion!

Edible Balloons

 Edible balloons were a brand new entertainment offering in 2019 and we think they are sure to be even bigger in 2020! From the people behind edible bubbles and edible mist orbs, edible balloons are their most Willy Wonka offering yet! You can choose from a variety of flavours, get to ingest some helium whilst you eat and rather amazingly the string is also edible. Incredible and well worth having at your party this year!

Mirror Man

 It’s 2020, which means we are in a new decade, which means we all have reasons to dance the night away! The Mirror Man is the perfect addition to any dance floor, a walking glitter ball that shimmers and shines as he struts his stuff to the music. Featuring a costume that collects together hundreds of tiny mirrors, the result is this eye-catching offering that all can enjoy. If you’re already thinking of booking for Easter, we also have the mirror bunny available!

Virtual Reality

 There is nothing else quite like Virtual Reality out there. Book a VR headset or two and enjoy an out of this world experience that you will never forget. From wielding a lightsaber (or non-trademarked version) in Star Wars (or some other galaxy…) or canoeing through the Grand Canyon, the limit to virtual reality is your imagination! We are also able to offer a hanggliding rig to enhance the experience and the best bit? We provide televisions so that everybody else at an event can see what you are seeing.

Muted Affair

 If you are looking for a jazz trio that offers something a little different, Muted Affair are the perfect choice. Comprising vocals, trumpet and guitar, they are unique in terms of their instrument choice and even include a loop pedal to create sounds that no other jazz trio is able to offer. Young, passionate about jazz and certain to impress, we predict great things for Muted Affair in 2020 and were delighted to be able to invite them to the office to perform at the end of 2019.

This Sax is On Fire

 What could be better than one Sax on Fire? The answer of course is two saxophones on fire, which is now possible! Our sister company Trevor George Entertainment booked the flaming sax duo for an event in Manchester last month and we love the photos so much. We think that the two instruments, when paired with a DJ, create truly eye-popping visuals that are guaranteed to impress at your party or event.

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By Henry Fosdike