Five Exciting Circus Acts for your Party

November 14, 2016

Who doesn’t love going to the circus? Many wonderful acrobats and jugglers able to perform incredible feats that have to be seen to be believed. But what if rather than you heading to the circus, the circus comes to you? We’ve highlighted five fabulous circus acts to hire for your party!


 Anyone who has been to yoga knows that the pose above is difficult enough without having a second person grabbing on to your arm and ankle. Synergy are an amazing acrobalance duo that first made a name for themselves as performers for Great Britain at various gymnastic tournaments including the Olympic Games! Now retired from the arena, their mind boggling strength, balance and control will captivate your audience.

Mack the Knife

 A great after-dinner act that combines comedy, sensuality and polished acrobatics, Mack the Knife is an act that combines Robbie Williams’ rendition of Bobby Darin’s classic song with acrobat Sammy’s incredible performance skills. Sporting a 50s inspired costume that is perfect for Gangster, Ratpack and Vegas themed events, the performance will blow you and your guests away.


 If it’s comedy strongmen that you’re after then look no further than hiring the Acrochaps for your party! Able to perform in many different outfits as well as tens of different moustaches, these gentlemen entertainers provide a unique and dashing approach to entertainment at a party! A superb addition to any event, their humour and astounding abilities combine to create an act that everybody will be talking about years done the line. Be dazzled by their charm, their muscles and their facial hair!


 If you’re looking to hire after-dinner entertainment that will stun your party guests then you can’t get more visual than hiring a shadow show. Evolve featured on Britain’s Got Talent and enthralled the nation with their choreography and timing. Fusing their acrobatic skills with their dancing abilities, Evolve will take you on a journey through the history of mankind using the power of silhouettes. An astonishing circus party act.


 The roue cyr is a gorgeous act that highlights the beauty of the circus better than any other performance. Alula combines a trio of roue cyr artists who are all graduates from the prestigious National Centre for Circus Arts. Both unique and innovative, Alula create structure from their wheels that allow for tight-wire walking, tumbling and handstands, as well as performing synchronised spinning. If you’re looking to hire a circus act with a difference, then you need look no further.

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By Henry Fosdike