Five Different Types of Magician for your Event

July 24, 2018

When it comes to magic, you might think you know what you are getting at an event. A few strolling tricks, a vanishing card and perhaps even a flame or two! But these magicians go a bit further than that and seek to differentiate their act in new ways!

The Singing Magician

This is certainly a bit of fun. You could book a singer and a magician for your party but why bother when you can book The Singing Magician and get more bang for your buck! Able to sing the classic swing songs made famous by the likes of Sinatra and co., he’ll also astound you with his magic tricks and cheeky patter! Destined to draw a large crowd, book The Singing Magician to book an entire show in one!

The Bunco Show

A bit of a unique idea this – The Bunco Show brings together a number of magicians who will stand at their tables around the room. Guests then take them on in classic street games like ‘the 3 shell game’, ‘find the lady’ and ‘the chain game’, able to put their money where their mouth is with some fun branded chips! A huge success this far, The Bunco Show highlights a niche that is both wonderfully entertaining and expertly executed. Enquire to find out more!


 One for our Christmas clients, the Chillusionist is a magician that looks like he’s just walked out of the Arctic circle with nothing but the magic tricks in his pocket and the suit on his back! Perfect for both stage and strolling magic, he is a huge hit at events during December and is just the right option for a themed festive party. He’s not just chill… He’s brill!

Jedi Magician

 “Use the force…” We can provide fantastic mentalists that will read your mind but if you are looking to go one step further, then booking a Jedi magician might be just up your street. He literally uses the force to read your mind and even comes with a bucketload of Star Wars quotes and props to complete the look. We can’t think of too much better than a Jedi at your event, especially if it’s a Star Wars themed evening!


Martin doesn’t just put on a stage show for guests but creates an entire comedy routine out of his magic tricks that are sure to raise a laugh and have entertained thousands both in the UK and abroad. As the video above shows, it is an electric evening of entertainment and a CEO or special person in the room can even be brought on stage to accomplish some magic of their own. A winning act for all!

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By Henry Fosdike