Five Commercials That Made Great Use of Entertainment

June 25, 2015

There are many brilliant adverts out there that grab your attention from the get go and stay with you for many years after they were first broadcast. Maybe you or your parents continue to chat about the Milk Tray man in hushed tones or your mates won’t stop saying “’Ave it”, when you’re having a kickabout. A good advert tends to stick in the memory for a long time and here are a few that make use of entertainment.

Paul Smith (Circus)

Okay, we’re starting this countdown with one that we enjoyed last year. Paul Smith utilised a number of circus performers from BMT to show that his suits would remain crinkle free throughout even the toughest workout. Who better to prove this than circus performers? Exactly! Be it the aerial hoop or the roué cyr, none could diminish the fabric of Paul Smith’s classy garments. Result.

T-Mobile (Dancing)

No list of adverts would be complete without this classic for T-Mobile that arguably kicked off the whole flashmob craze. It builds and builds into something absolutely spectacular with the entire centre of the station dancing along to a wholesome mix of upbeat tunes. So infectious is the dancing that it even appears regular commuters get involved in the fun. This is what entertainment is all about!

Pentium Processors (Blue Man Group)

This blog would be derisory without an inclusion of music being used brilliantly in an ad and it makes sense to highlight the brilliant use of the Blue Man Group in this commercial from some time between 1999 and 2003. Why is it here despite not being on the air in over a decade? Simple. It does the job as this clip has stuck in my memory since I first saw it. Over ten years since it aired, I have no need for a Pentium Processor and yet I can still recite that four note motif. Top stuff.

Old Spice (Comedy)

The man your man could smell like. It’s not exactly a perfect sentence grammatically speaking but it’s hard to argue with the sentiment for this hilarious advert from Old Spice. Without even clicking play, we bet you remember it – a ludicrously good looking guy speaking about Old Spice and somehow moving from a bathroom to a horse on a beach whilst only taking a couple of steps. So popular, it has over 51 million views on YouTube.

BBC (Parkour)

Another one that’s stayed with us over the past few years is this parkour advert for the BBC. World famous parkour expert David Belle finished at the office and has to rush home to catch his favourite programmes, choosing a slightly more alternative route than is usually seen. Vaulting over roofs and scrambling along urban architecture, he even finds time to do an unbelievably cool spin on an arm rest that I personally tried many times to replicate and never quite managed. Sigh.

...And remember, there’s many, many more.




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By Henry Fosdike