Five Christmas Presents to Buy Aspiring Entertainers

December 22, 2015

Reindeer Stilts

It’s the 22nd of December and all around you, people are chatting excitedly about Christmas and where they’ll be on Christmas Day. As you listen, you smile… But secretly, you’re terrified of the festive season. Why? Because you still haven’t bought any Christmas presents! It isn’t your fault, what do you buy an aspiring entertainer? Your child is creative but… Who knows what they might like. Well, here are a few wonderfully simple gifts to get your young child interested in the world of entertainment. And remember, you’ll be following in the footsteps of literally all of our acts who had to start somewhere!

Hula Hoop

An incredibly cheap way to get your child interested in the world of circus entertainment, why not provide a fun gift in the form of a hula hoop this Christmas? A word of warning though, although it might enhance your child’s circus skills, it’s not the most surprising present for them to open because of how impossibly difficult it is to wrap.

But who knows, with a little practice and competition on Boxing Day, the little entertainer in the family might just go on to be one of our fabulous Superhoopers and wow guests at events and parties up and down the country before too long!


Admittedly, we don’t actually take many bookings for ukulele players but as my own parents know, guitars are a) horrendously expensive and b) your child may well get bored of them before they even learn Wonderwall. With that in mind, why not shell out a fraction of the price on a ukulele? They are fun, there are loads of free resources out there for musicians just getting into the hobby and they can always make the step up to a guitar afterwards.

Before too long, your little one could be rocking it across various wonderful venues in London including the Natural History Museum and Tate Modern. Ooh!


“How vague do you want to be, Sternberg Clarke? Costumes? I can’t work with that!” Yes, you can! We don’t want to affect your child’s natural intrigue and personality so you’ll just have to decide which costume is right for them. As our friends at KidZania know, there’s nothing better than allowing a child to explore their own universe and nothing will make them more imaginative than truly ‘being’ their favourite character for a few hours.

It’s positively joyous what a brilliant costume can do – as many of our event planners will tell you – and our costumed characters and dancers no doubt started out in much the same way!

Magic Set

We’ve all been given a magic set at some point or another (well, I  have) and for a number of months I was going to be the next Paul Daniels. Over the years, this has morphed into children up and down the land going to become the next David Blaine, Derren Brown and Dynamo, but the central theme remains the same. The amount of joy I received from a Magic Circle box of tricks cannot be underestimated and let’s not forget Marvin’s Magic as well.

To add to this, our magician Dan genuinely got his start in magic after watching Jamie Raven perform at one of our events so who knows where your young entertainer may end up?


What can be more perfect for a budding musician or presenter than a microphone? You don’t need to go for a ludicrously expensive option, but something to allow them to unleash their inner Beyoncé, Adele and – let’s be honest (as it’s Christmas) – Mariah Carey. Although having said that, they may well be an unlikely fan of speaking engagements at events and instead like to practice their vocabulary in the mirror. I mean, you never know…

We know what you’re thinking, I didn’t mention comedy. That’s the beauty of a microphone though. If your child is the next Micky Flanagan, you’ll soon know it!

We can’t wait to have your entertainers grow up and join us at a huge number of our events in the 2030s. That’s all from us on the blog this year so have a fabulous Christmas and a wonderfully Happy New Year! 




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By Henry Fosdike