Five Acts to get you Feeling Christmassy

August 18, 2016

Sorry. We really are sorry. We know there are 129 days until Christmas, which is still more than four months away. More than a third of a year away. But personal assistants and office managers are already being asked to book Christmas entertainment for the office party and it’s our job to help them out. Plus, between just the two of us, choosing to hire a Christmas DJ in advance may keep your costs down. For those who are looking to book even more festive entertainment, here are a few ideas to get you thinking.


 Who doesn’t love Christmas lights? You might not attend the Oxford Street Christmas lights switch on and yes, the Regent Street Christmas lights has turned into a weirdly commercial venture promoting some Hollywood film for the past few years, but people still love a good light show and Wonderland put on one of the best! As the photo shows, holly leaves appear in LEDs around the performers and you can also expect to see snowflakes, stars and reindeer.

Bjorn the Polar Bear

 How can you not fall in love with Bjorn the Polar Bear? Just look at him! Hiring a polar bear for your Christmas party seems like a no brainer and when you find out that it comes with an Inuit helper to encourage audience interaction, you’ll be fully on board. Oh and did we mention that this is an animatronic polar bear? Yes, Bjorn can walk amongst your party and receive loving strokes from your guests! Pose for photos and celebrate Christmas in style with this loveable slice of snow themed entertainment but be warned… People are already booking him up!

Ballerina in a Snow Globe

 In terms of visual acts, they don’t get much better than a full size snow globe with a ballerina dancing inside. A beautiful idea that has been executed perfectly, the ballerina performs amidst a flurry of snowflakes. A male and female dancer can also be hired for a short performance and you can rest assured that none of your guests will have seen anything like it. A wonderful idea for the office Christmas party!

Christmas Carol Choir

 Part of me wanted to highlight the Reindeer Stiltwalkers in this paragraph (click the link and enjoy their unique act!) but for those looking to book traditional Christmas entertainment, the Christmas carol choir is probably more up your street. We can provide choirs from just a few people right up ten or more and if you like, you can sing along with the performance! Christmas carols are a timeless form of entertainment and can you really call your event a Christmas event without one? Hmm…

Ice Queen

 We can provide a whole host of Christmas characters for your party but for the Scrooges amongst you (probably none of you actually, because why would you read a Christmas party blog in August?), we thought we’d profile the Ice Queen. One of the best bits about the Ice Queen character is that it can be good on its own or as part of a Christmas party theme (like Narnia for instance). A perfect idea to ensure that your Christmas party will be talked about well into the New Year!

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By Henry Fosdike