Exercise! Super Healthy Entertainment to Hire for Events

August 02, 2016

Fine, we’ll admit it. There is a small problem when it comes to events of all kinds. Big corporate events, small private parties and even weddings all suffer from this problem and until now, we’ve all avoided talking about it. They aren’t exactly the most healthy things to attend are they?

We know what you’re thinking! “But we ordered the finest food from a vegetarian organic caterer for our event so we are okay.” Not necessarily. There’s no doubt that their food is probably very healthy when consumed in bitesize chunks but who does that at a party? The canapés come round and you have one, two… Maybe another. Before long you’ve eaten your weight in the most delicious morsels of food that have ever sat on your taste buds and now you need to have a free drink from the bar. Or maybe two. Three. Eh, you’re not driving. Have a fourth!

No, no and no. It’s time we lead the way in finding ways to help these calories do a little less damage and have them burn away far faster than merely watching a band or being drawn. If you want to be health conscious when it comes to hiring entertainment for your event then enjoy a few of these suggestions:

Cycling Competition

 Woah! Hold up there. No lycra required so you can take off that yellow jersey right now. This is a fab form of interactive entertainment that allows two guests at your event to compete and see who gets the best time. Wonderful for events or parties where you have a few prizes to give away and the best bit is that there are no bikes endlessly coursing in and around your event. These two pedal powered beasts are attached to a small plinth to take up a minimum of space at your venue. Just plug in and go!

Augmented Reality Treasure Hunt

 AR or augmented reality (to give it its full name) is all the rage in the past few weeks thanks to the launch of Pokémon Go. It’s a simple enough technology that even the most technophobic of guests will be able to understand. The virtual reality game makes use of your GPS and camera on your phone to create fun photos and make it appear as though you are not alone in the room. It’s not just Pokémon or solving clues that the technology is limited to either. As the photo shows, you could hold an entire band in your hand!

Virtual Reality Teambuilding

  VR? Victoria Regina..? Nope! The VR stands for virtual reality, which is similar to augmented reality, but a lot more immersive. Anyone who is involved in the experience must wear a headset in order to take part, which instantly transports you to another building or world, where you have to work together in order to get ahead. Imagine being teleported inside a video game and that is a perfect way to explain the entertainment you’ll get from a virtual reality teambuilding experience. The technology has already been hailed by Facebook and HTC (to name but two) and there have even been events specially created where you get to defeat zombies as a team. What fun!

Interactive Tiles

 Dancing is great fun but there are always a few guests at an event who don’t really fancy getting involved as everybody else does the Macarena. The solution? Some interactive tiles of course! Perfect for an enhanced dance mat experience or put in place as a competitive game, interactive dance tiles can be used to ensure that getting fit is a bonus at your party. The more feet the merrier (perhaps the more steps, the bigger the prize?); this is an event installation you won’t want to miss. And yes, you can totally recreate that scene from the Billy Jean music video.

The Rock

 No, not former-professional-wrestler-turned-acting-superstar Dwayne Johnson, but an extremely cool rock climbing experience that can be taken on solo or with a friend! Perhaps you want to climb in a time trial format or maybe as part of a competition; whichever way you want to do it, you can be sure that you’ll have burnt off the calories from the canapés within just a few minutes. The really exciting bit? You can adjust both the speed at which the rock climbing surface rotates and also the angle, meaning if you want to recreate your favourite scenes from Mission: Impossible II or Cliffhanger, that’s totally possible!

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By Henry Fosdike