Fireworks Party Entertainment Ideas

October 21, 2019

It isn’t too long until we’ll all be sipping on mulled wine and looking to the explosions in the sky as a smorgasbord of colour amazes us from all around. Yes, it’s almost time for a fireworks party! If you love everything Guy Fawkes and can’t help but find yourself drawn towards a bonfire, this is the blog for you. Here are five fabulous fireworks party entertainment ideas for you to consider.

Light Painters

 Light Painters are an absolutely perfect option for fireworks party entertainment. Ideas range from creating recognisable shapes in the air or pulling off some writing with your magic LED wand. Stepping in front of the camera, each participant is encouraged to play with the tools provided as they are photographed and after a 30 second wait will be invited to bear witness to their colourful creations. Will they have created a rainbow of light, an artistic marvel or a complete mess? You’ll just have to wait and see. A great option for any bonfire night.

This Sax is on Fire

 Your eyes do not deceive you. The sax really will be on fire at your fireworks party. Entertainment ideas don’t get more interesting than this with our performer Desmond playing a number of tunes using his spectacular flammable sax. A surprising and exciting form of entertainment, nobody will be expecting to see this at your event and we think it makes a fab photo opportunity as well. Perfect as a precursor to your bonfire night party.

Edible Balloons

 Who else loves roaming the stalls on bonfire night? You can buy some candy floss, try your luck at hooking a duck and perhaps risk your life by riding on a circus attraction that features questionable artistic versions of Elvis or the Terminator for no other reason than that was all the artist had to hand. Edible Balloons are the natural next step in the progressions of fireworks party entertainment; great fun, as tasty as anything and sure to impress. We absolutely love them and think you will too!

Harriet the Sewing Machine Artist

 You may very well have been the subject of a caricature before but we can almost guarantee that you’ll never have had your likeness sewn into some material before! That’s the central idea behind Harriet’s incredible sewing machine art. An artistic marvel that everybody can enjoy, she takes twenty minutes or so to draw the likeness of the person in front of her or can spend a few hours sewing what she sees from afar, creating a stunning montage. To make the entertainment even more interesting, guests can power the sewing machine by cycling whilst Harriet works.

She Wants To Move

 She Wants To Move are a fab trio that bring the music to your party by moving through guests and singing songs as they go. A roaming band, they play guitar, sax and vocals as they provide all your favourite tunes. Wander women in the truest sense, they perform to small pockets of people at a time and are certain to create the perfect atmosphere. Fun, entertaining and a real ‘mood maker’, this is the music you should want at your fireworks party.

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By Henry Fosdike