February is Dance Month at Sternberg Clarke!

January 31, 2012



This month, we're ripping off our formal business-wear to reveal a sparkling leotard and ballet shoes beneath. We're pirouetting round lamp-posts, lifting each other up in lakes, getting 'cheek to cheek' and throwing shapes in a steel mill. We're  tap-tap-a-tappin', shoft shoe shufflin', jumpin', jivin' and generally leavin' the "g's" off the ends of words; because it's Dance Month!

Throughout the month of February at Sternberg Clarke, we're going to be celebrating Dance in corporate events; be that in the form of body-popping or lindy-hopping, break-dancing or gleeful prancing, the Charleston or... 'Something that rhymes with Charleston.' We'll be showing how dancing can be used to create the most impact at corporate events, private parties and weddings.

To display our commitment to promoting dance acts in the events industry, we'll be talent scouting for the best new dance acts with regular reviews and articles about the best new acts we find. And that's not to say we'll neglect our already impressive stable of brilliant  dance performers.

We'll also be turning our massive spotlight on you, the humble event goer - what makes you dance? What are the best songs for a DJ to play at a corporate event? How do you pick the best first dance for your wedding? Which function bands are guaranteed to make guests dance at an event? All will become clear over the course of dance month so be sure to keep an eye on the blog, twitter and facebook pages to stay up to date on the latest goings on.