Featured Act Friday: Organic Jam

August 15, 2010

All this talk of auditions, new acts and new coffee machines is exciting and all but shouldn't we be paying attention to the brilliant acts we already have at Sternberg Clarke? Yes, we should. And from now on we will. Starting right now with something I'm going to call Featured Act Friday until someone gives me a better name for it.

And what better way to kick off Featured Act Friday (or FAF) than with one of our most popular, innovative and reliably entertaining acts on the books - Organic Jam. The concept is this; a DJ playing and expertly mixing Cafe Del Mar-style house music with a live musician (or musicians) who improvise over the top. The effect is a unique mix, combining the thrill of live performance with the carefully crafted mood and ambience of a DJ set. Members of the Organic Jam collective are regular fixtures at some of the top event venues in London including The Design Museum, 40|30,  Tate Modern, Kensington Roof Gardens, The Natural History Museum, The Science Museum and Kensington Palace.

Organic Jam is not only a great idea for Cafe Del Mar style music, but it also works really well at weddings.  We have many Brides (and Grooms!) that are budget conscious but want something unique and cant decide whether to have a band or a DJ.  Organic Jam is the perfect mid way option as the live always makes the wedding memorable and yet the DJ provides a wide selection of music.

To give you a bit more info on the act, DJ and Organic Jam lynch-pin Carlo Rossi answered a few questions for the Blog.



Hello! Who are you?

Carlo Rossi of Organic Jam

How would you describe your act in three words?

Sunshiny, Contemporary, Exciting.

What sets you apart from similar acts?

We always make sure every time we play its something new and bespoke to the client.

When was your first gig and how old were you?

My first Organic Jam gig was when I was 31. My first DJ gig was when I was 19.

What was your first event for Sternberg Clarke?

Madam Tussauds

What has been your favourite Sternberg Clarke Event (and why)?

When we were shortlisted for RSVP’s best act of the year in 2007. The reason why it was so amazing is that we performed with 6 musicians and were voted by how loud the response from the audience was.. We came second, but from another perspective as the act that won was a magic act, we did beat all the other music acts... so I guess we were the best music act of the year!

What would be your dream event?

It has to be playing Wembley Stadium. My first ever experience of a concert was LIVE AID in 1985’ with so many of my favourite bands and the atmosphere was electrifying that day. We once played in front of 50,000 at Brands Hatch for the first ever A1 Grand Prix. We played on the starting line while being filmed live for Sky Sports. Being a Grand Prix that each driver was driving for their country,  we put a 30 minute set together inspired by the countries of the drivers. That was the biggest Sternberg Clarke gig ever - and what a gig it was!

What would be your nightmare event?

The audience for some reason always mistake the DJ table for a drinks table, so my nightmare would be - In the middle of rocking a dance floor  a guest would spill a drink onto both decks and suddenly you just hear nothing … except a fizzing/frazzling sound.

What would be the greatest canapé you’ve ever eaten?

The lobster and crab canapés by Randall & Aubin at the Fendi/De Beers/Princess fashion show at the London boat show 2 weeks ago

Who would you most like to perform with?

GOLDFRAPP, The XX or AIR as they have managed to make really interesting pop music accessible to the world.. I’d like to think we’re like that. One of the most wonderful things with Organic Jam is our constant search for the best musicians living in London at improvising, after finding them I then get lucky enough to perform with them

What do you do the rest of the time (when you’re not doing your act)?

I love to go on diving adventures (anything to do with the ocean), travel to undiscovered places (if possible), listen to new and fresh music, while accidentally coming across some old gems, create video art and take as many photographs as I can of my neighbourhood

Thanks, Carlo!

If you're looking for more info on Organic Jam or any of our acts, then feel free to get in touch!