Featured Act Friday: Booth Street West

April 08, 2011


After a brief hiatus, Featured Act Friday is back with a vengeance... or should I say a Ven-Jazz-nce? No I probably shouldn't. Since being booked by Sternberg Clarke a few months back, Jazz collective Booth Street West have been making a name for themselves in the corporate and private events scene; playing everything from Hotel Residencies to high profile drinks receptions at venues such as The Ritz, Christies and Somerset House.

With a flexible line up containing some of the most talented Music Graduates ever to push their trembling lips to a trumpet/saxophone, Booth Street West are perfect for drinks receptions as quiet background music but also more than able to switch gears to something more lively and have been delighting event guests with their vast and varied Jazz Repertoire.

Jack and apparently Tom were kind enough to answer a few questions about the act.

Hello! Who are you?

Hello! I’m Jack and I’m Tom (we’re taking it in turns to type, that’s how cool we are) and we’re founding members of Booth Street West. We’re a jazz band of varying sizes who play a range of jazz for all kinds of events from lively fun swing to much softer, smoother background style.

How would you describe your act in three words?

Swinging, cool, amazing. (And modest!)

What sets you apart from similar acts?

We all genuinely love jazz. That might sound obvious, but I think some function bands playing jazz just go through the motions. We talk about jazz on the way to the gig and on the way home too. That sounds a bit sad actually!

When was your first gig and how old were you?

I was 7 and I played in my primary school assembly, I remember my knee involuntarily shaking like mad! Please note my knee no longer shakes at gigs.

What was your first event for Sternberg Clarke?

An event at Lords Cricket Ground. I think. But Ben and I go back a long way so we’ve been working together in various guises for years!

What has been your favourite Sternberg Clarke Event (and why)?

New Years Eve at the Ritz was great fun, and they even had a full military marching band!

What would be your dream event?

A gig at the Grand Prix in Monaco. With a driving lesson thrown in.

What would be your nightmare event?

A gig where we’re battling against with a broken / oversensitive noise limiter so we pretty much have to mime. Come to think of it, I’ve already done that gig…

What's the greatest canapé you’ve ever eaten?

An amazing mini lamb kebab thing, or one which was Carpaccio and Parmesan. Yes please!

Who would you most like to perform with?

Miles Davis is dead, but I'd love to be able to book Chris Potter to play in my quintet. He’s a truly incredible saxophonist who we’ve played with before, definitely worth a google.

What do you do the rest of the time (when you’re not doing your act)?

Practice, write music, teach and going to watch other people's gigs

Thank You, Good Sirs

If you're curious, here's a clip of Booth Street West (With Vocalist)


If you're interested in finding out more about Booth Street West or booking them for an upcoming event, please get in touch on 020 8877 1102.