Explorers and Bavarian Dancers at the Royal Courts of Justice

December 13, 2013

We’re nearing the shortest night of the year, there’s a pretty serious nip in the air... it must be winter right? That’d explain the popularity of The Explorers, our frost-bitten comedy duo who don Arctic Explorer costumes to lead guests along the treacherous path towards their Christmas Party. It’s a nice little visual gag on a cold night that worked brilliantly for setting a relaxed, playful tone before an event at the Royal Courts of Justice.  

 We supplied the costumes for our hilarious meet and greet actors and worked with a makeup artist to get our explorers looking suitably icy. The pair then took up position outside the venue to greet the guests as they arrived. Later on in the evening, our troupe of Bavarian dancers slipped into something a little more lederhosen-ey to perform a dance routine on stage.

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