Exciting New Magic Exhibition Opening in London

January 21, 2019

We love working at numerous venues around London and every so often, an exhibition opens at one of them that catches our eye because they focus on entertainment. In April 2019, we are delighted to discover that a magic exhibition opens at the Wellcome Collection in London. But what will the exhibition be about?

A free exhibition – so that means that it should interest absolutely everybody – Smoke & Mirrors will be the first ever to focus on the relationship between magic and psychology. As many fans of magic will know, the psychology of magic is often just as important as the performance; the magician needs guests to below that their card really is in the deck or there will be no magic! That’s our layman’s view of it anyway!

As the blurb on the Wellcome Collection website states, 'Smoke & Mirrors will seek the truth about deception, ask how bias and suggestion affect our senses and decisions, and consider what it is about the human condition that means many of us believe in magic and the supernatural, even in the face of logical explanations.’

Not only will there be a lot of magic tricks to read about and various stories from the stage, but there will also be artefacts for visitors to enjoy from the likes of Derren Brown, Tommy Cooper, Paul Daniels & Debbie Mcgee and Harry Houdini! It’s sure to be an absolutely fascinating day out for any fan of magic both old and young alike.

The Wellcome Collection often focuses on the science and getting people engaged and Smoke & Mirrors will be no different; guests can explore magic props, spirit photography, psychology experiments and more to see how magic works both on your mind and in your mind! Simply put, we cannot wait!

Smoke & Mirrors will be open Tuesday – Sunday from 11 April 2019 to 15 September 2019. You can find out more information about the Wellcome Collection’s exciting new magic exhibition here.




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By Henry Fosdike