Events of the Decade - 2016

December 16, 2019

We are now just 9 days from Christmas Day, which also means that we are up to 2016 in our look back at the events of the decade. There were a number of absolutely stunning events in this particular year and we cannot wait to take you through them now. Ready? Let’s go!

Our run through of this year included such delights as Tradition Retold at the Historical Royal Palaces’ Tower of London. A gorgeous evening, we were on hand to serve up a host of musical acts in the form of Fables & Friends, a cappella choir The J-Tones, and DJ & percussionist Lyndsay, who performed during the meal. All in all, a truly lovely evening with great photos and fond memories that many in the industry still talk about to this day!

  As we’ve discovered by writing these ‘events of the decade’ blogs, not a year goes by where we don’t get to put on some incredible entertainment at the Natural History Museum. There’s just something so picturesque about the venue that we can’t help but be inspired by its fabulous Hintze Hall. In 2016 we were lucky enough to book entertainment for a Steampunk party! Step forward Box 9, Anna Phoebe, costumed characters and more to deliver a sensational evening.

    The Historical Royal Palaces played host to some lovely events throughout 2016 and we were utterly enchanted by the idea of putting on a summer party in the grounds of Hampton Court Palace. We provided acro-jugglers, makeup artists (because what summer party is complete without some face paint?) and Acoustik to keep the summer tunes flowing. A great garden party, we can highly recommend the surroundings for any event!

   How do you outdo an event at Hampton Court Palace? In truth it’s very difficult to do but Dior attempted to do it when they asked for pretty much every fanfare trumpeter in London – sixty of them! -  to perform at their fashion launch at Blenheim Palace. The weather unfortunately didn’t play ball (you can see the initial plan in the video below) but the sight of all of our fanfare trumpeters performing in all of their finery in such hallowed surroundings was a true sight to behold!  

The very same month we were invited to Banqueting House for a very special dinner with other suppliers. Never ones to hold back on the entertainment when it comes to any kind of party, we were overjoyed to be able to book the Ayoub Sisters (who have since worked with Mark Ronson and huge success!), a digital caricaturist and London Contemporary Voices, who looked right at home in such a fabulous venue.

   Is that everything for 2016? Absolutely not. We had Russell Kane present awards, an astonishing show of strength at the Imperial War Museum and Doolally Tap happily an entire party of guests from one venue to another by the Thames! As ever, there are just too many events to talk about in depth but they were all fantastic fun.

What will 2017 hold in our events of the decade? You’ll have to join us in tomorrow to find out. Expect literary references, more circus fun and err… an astronaut. No really!




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By Henry Fosdike