Events of the Decade - 2015

December 13, 2019

Our look at events of the decade from the Sternberg Clarchive (yes, we went there) reaches 2015. Only four years ago, we were thrilled to be involved in a host of exciting events throughout the year including an absolutely spectacular Royal Wedding flashmbob. Okay, it only involved lookalikes but it was hugely enjoyable and so different to any other event that we have done!

The venue in question was One Marylebone and our client wanted us to recreate the Royal Wedding that had occurred in 2011. For such an event to occur we hired Royal lookalikes including Prince William, the Duchess of Cambridge, Prince Harry, Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles, and they danced into the event, ‘got married’ and stuck around for numerous selfies. It was a fascinating and hugely fun party that everybody involved absolutely loved!

   We were then lucky enough to be involved with the QEII Centre in Westminster for their amazing circus showcase. Not only did the event feature a gorgeously costumed ringmaster but a stunning theme to boot. Posters and a ring were erected inside of which Acrochaps and our Rollerskate Girls performed. We even created their own bespoke headwear; cakes and doughnuts galore. It was a lovely throwback to circuses of the past.

    Sternberg Clarke were in a charitable mood in 2015 with Wandering Hands being given the opportunity to play at an event for Pandora in association with Children in Need. The Pudsey ears headwear was particularly fetching and the event itself raised a great deal of money for the charity. Marvellous!

 You might recall us singing the praises of the Historical Royal Palaces’ Banqueting House in the last blog for 2014. Our compliments continue into 2015 as we held what has to be one of the most luxurious street parties ever seen in London! Over the course of just a few hours, guests were treated to a street party that evolved from the 1950s through to the modern day with Acrochaps wearing a host of different outfits throughout and Sphere Contortion absolutely wowing the crowd.

      Over the years we have done our fair share of Harry Potter parties and one in 2015 was an absolutely joy! An incredible venue for the event, Lincoln’s Inn was transformed into Hogwarts for the night and we provided a litany of entertainment options to impress assembled guests. Magician Martin gamely appeared as Snape, whilst our contact juggler Jago was in makeup for ages in order to appear as Voldemort. Look at that effort! Music from the films was played by Stellini, whilst our fortune teller was on hand as Professor Trelawney. A magical event for all!

    You might have noticed that we haven’t even mentioned the Natural History Museum yet, a venue which has been ever present in our events of the decade. Fear not because we had not one but two incredible events from this particular venue in 2015. Firstly we put on The Phantom of the Opera in the famous Hintze Hall using stars from the West End play, and then later in the year we had a fantastic act in the form of Spark! drummers who quite literally lit up the infamous staircase with their performance.

      2015 was a wondrous year at Sternberg Clarke and as the year came to an end we were all wondering what 2016 might hold. You’ll have to wait just two more days to find out as we continue our Events of the Decade!



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By Henry Fosdike