Events of the Decade - 2014

December 11, 2019

We are racing through our events of the decade! How do you condense ten years’ of work into just twenty days of blog posts? Great question and yet here we are with a blog on the great and the good from 2014. There are so many amazing parties to choose from five years ago and here is the result. Sit back and enjoy some amazing photos.

The first event we’ve decided to profile comes all the way from Manchester, which was a few years before we owned Trevor George Entertainment to cover bookings in the region. Performing for Virgin Media, we had a bespoke dance performance to coincide with the Commonwealth Games taking place in Glasgow later that year. Not merely limited to dance, the show also included acrobalance and roue cyr. What’s more, you can see the entire performance below!

Fast forward a few weeks and we were presented with a completely different type of event; creating costumed characters from the World of Walliams as part of World Book Day. Young fans of David Walliams’ creations were able to get up close and personal at The Palace Theatre in London for the day. A truly lovely event for all involved! Mr. Stink, Gangsta Granny and more were delighted to meet their fans.

  And now for something completely different, as Monty Python would say. Yes, we were tasked with a unique project; creating a puppet horse for a client and then sending it on to Dubai. As one might expect, it was War Horse related (which was a huge hit in theatres at the time), and though we don’t have any photos of what it looked like in performance – our job having been done by that point – we can show you a photo or two in the warehouse where it was created!

  2014 was also a year of not one but three events for the Playboy Club in London. Themed around Belle EpoqueIndependence Day and Halloween, they provided a fabulous opportunity to showcase entertainment in all its forms. From music to circus, magic to makeup, everything was on display and guests had an absolute blast. There’s nothing quite like booking Uncle Sam himself to get attendees in a party mood!

   We’ve featured a host of events from the TATE Modern throughout this Events of the Decade series and 2014 was no different as we put on a spectacular circus party for Oxford and Cambridge alumni in Turbine Hall. Featuring glow jugglers with glow-in-the-dark makeup, drummers and aerial silk artists, the photos speak for themselves! Want to see more? Feel free to watch the video below.

Another venue that has featured a lot over the last few blogs has been the Natural History Museum and it isn’t hard to see why; Hintze Hall is a spectacular space in which to hold an event. Five years’ ago we worked to create a party that focused on London and the result was spectacular. Costumed characters in the style of My Fair Lady, a mime, Wandering Hands as buskers and working with ToneAcity to create a bespoke Mary Poppins performance that brought the house down.

Speaking of the excellent ToneAcity, we then enlisted them for another event; a Rocky Horror themed showcase at the now closed (for events) One Mayfair. We had an absolute blast planning the occasion as we picked the best possible entertainment, costumes and set list to ensure that everybody had a true night to remember. Singing transvestites, sequinned corsets, feather boas… You certainly don’t get an event like that every year!

Finally we come to our last featured event of 2014. There aren’t many venues in London that look quite as good as Banqueting House in photos. There’s just something about the throne in Banqueting Hall that is absolutely breathtaking and we were delighted to provide The Lips for their debut performance with support from top singer Sewuese. They are absolutely beautiful photos.

We could go on and on about how great a year 2014 was for corporate and private entertainment at events – even Sir Ian McKellen didn’t make the cut in this blog, nor did this incredible photo of Living Topiary at Hampton Court Palace or nor did this amazing party at Aynhoe Park – but we’ll stop there and urge you to come back in two days for our look at 2015. Phew!



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By Henry Fosdike