Events of the Decade - 2013

December 09, 2019

Our events of the decade moves into 2013! Yes, we have scanned through the archives and uncovered some absolutely beautiful entertainment that we provided in 2013. As we continue our run through the decade, let’s take a look at some of the lovely parties and occasions that we helped out six years ago.

We began 2013 by falling down the rabbit hole and into the Underglobe, an intimate venue beneath Shakespeare’s Globe, which was transformed into an Alice in Wonderland themed party. Wandering Hands were in full costume as the Mad Hatter(s), DJ duo Freight Train were Tweedle-dee and Tweedle-dum and a Cyr wheel performer was turned into the White Rabbit. Sally performed incredible circus feats as Alice whilst a stilt walker was transformed into the Queen of Hearts. It was a truly spectacular themed event and just went to show why Alice in Wonderland continues to be such a popular party theme.

    2013 was also the year that we launched an ambitious wedding showcase, which followed a couple as they got engaged, picked the venue, catering, entertainment and more. Over the course of a few months, guests were invited and the great and the good of the events industry came to the showcase which was presented as a wedding day at One Maryelbone! Acts on the day included the amazing Mad Hen and Le Gateau Chocolat. The photos from Julia Boggio certainly speak for themselves.

  Another promo event that we were involved with was just as luxurious; AcroFelipe and the Balanas Sisters blending circus and music together to create a spellbinding fusion of entertainment at Banqueting House. Undoubtedly one of our favourite event photos of the decade, it definitely shows how creating your own act can lead to spectacular results. We utilised the same idea again in 2018 as part of the Unique Venues of London 25th birthday celebrations (and once again, it looked lovely).

 When it comes to entertainment, the folks at Roche definitely knew how to book a party in 2013 at One Great George Street. On the bill we were happy to provide Bond lookalikes, a caricaturist, a casino room, football freestylers, a Geisha girl, Hark the Herald carol singers, karaoke, a graphologist, magic, the Royal Footmen, Melody Domain, some golfers, Scalextric and a silhouette artist. Phew! The theme of that particular party is anybody’s guess (the bookers have long since moved on to pastures new though the original blog states it was a 'Christmas House Party') but we assume it was something involving James Bond, Christmas and sport, and the photos look great!

   An event that gets talked about all the time in the office also makes it into our events of the decade. Yes, 2013 was the year that we were allowed to have LED freerunners sprint through the Science Museum, performing all sorts of incredible jumps, flips and landings. If you are a fan of parkour then you owe it to yourself to watch the video below and see how great it can be when the entertainment, event planners and venue are in full synchronicity on how the event should look!


One of our final events of 2013, and the final one we have chosen to highlight here, was a sensational pre-wedding spectacular in India! It’s fair to say that the photos are not of the best quality but oh how we wish they were as we provided numerous aerial performers and stilt walkers to wow the crowd at this particular celebration. Our artists performed with pyrotechnics to huge acclaim, and the photos definitely speak for themselves. We just wish they were in higher-res!

  So that’s it for 2013. A wonderful collection of themed parties, huge events and even an international affair! Join us in a couple of days as we go forward another year and see what 2014 held for our clients.



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By Henry Fosdike