Events of the Decade - 2011

December 04, 2019

It’s day two of our look into the events of the decade and we have reached 2011. Do you remember what you were up to in 2011? All we know for sure is that you were eight years younger than you are today and we hope that you have made the most of the intervening time! Thankfully we know exactly what we were up to in 2011 as we have everything archived and unlike 2010, we were getting much better at keeping track of our events! Without further ado, let’s take a look at our events of 2011.

In March 2011 we were delighted to provide Sotheby’s with some Painted Ladies and Ballet Pole performances. As you can see from the photos, the inspiration for the models was Matisse, so we can only assume that the paintings being auctioned at Sotheby’s around that time were by the famous French artist. In addition to the very effective painted models, the evening also saw a ballet pole performance which is an exceptionally graceful blend of circus and dance.

  In the very same month we also provided an incredible experience for guests at the Whitechapel Gallery. We had living tables (in very scary attire!), ribbon dancers, Organic Jam, harpists, living statues, Wing and a contact juggler all brought in to ensure a magnificent, immersive experience for guests under the theme of 'a tale of two halves'. As well as this incredible event at Whitechapel Gallery, we also provided costumed characters at The Science Museum, the photos of which still adorn their profile page to this day.

    March was clearly a busy month for Sternberg Clarke, or perhaps that was merely when everything was uploaded, for it also appears that we put on a fabulous 5th birthday party for Otto, who by our calculations would now be a teenager. If he casts his mind back eight years though, he will recall an amazing pirate themed party that went down an absolute storm. There was even a bespoke pirate ship in the marquee! Apologies for the photo quality...

  Moving onto May and we were delighted to be able to provide five(!) close-up magicians for the Champions League final at Wembley Stadium contested between Barcelona and Manchester United. Things haven’t changed much for Barcelona in the intervening years (the less said about Man Utd these days the better), but we were delighted to be able to provide some magic for young fans who, from the looks of their football shirts, were going to end the night rather disappointed as their team lost 3-1. We hope our impressive magicians helped ease the pain!

  In July we were delighted to assist in turning the Tower of London into a medieval menageriefeaturing digital archery, falconry, fire performers, jesters, lute players and, amazingly, Segway jousting which is something a few people in the office claim to have invented specially for this event. The photos are wonderful, the costumes are excellent and really does make us feel as though we’ve stepped back in time. A really fabulous event from 2011.

    Are there really more? Yes! In September 2011, we had a lot of fun recreating the Last Night of the Proms at both The Ritz and the Natural History Museum. It’s hard to know quite why we had two events celebrating the Proms in two different locations – we barely get one at all in normal years – but we think Corporate Voices look very glamorous indeed. And there’s even some video too!

In November we were also able to take over the Natural History Museum as part of Strictly SW7. Our newish acoustic trio Wandering Hands played at the venue and went down a storm before the incredible Le Gateau Chocolat came through the giant metallic globe(!), down an escalator singing Diamonds Are Forever. What a thrill!  

Finally we thought we’d end with something really impressive. We booked super huge mega star Michael McIntyre for a 50th birthday at Kensington Palace. You don’t get to say that every day. As you can see from the photos, it was a wonderful occasion and Michael really delivered, even staying for a longer duration than he was contracted. Incredible!

  That concludes 2011 in our run-through of the Events of the Decade. What will 2012 hold? Whisper it – there may just be some sports related events.



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By Henry Fosdike