Event Review: The Tallest Man on Earth @ Camden Roundhouse

November 03, 2015

As part of our ongoing quest to seek out the best entertainment in London, Tilly popped along to see Tallest Man on Earth at the Camden Roundhouse. Perhaps unknown to most, the singer-songwriter has a fervent following and was able to sell out this brilliant venue! Here are Tilly’s thoughts…

Although I was initially apprehensive about seeing an obscure Swedish Folk artist in the cavernous Camden Roundhouse, I needn’t have worried, as it’s obviously not that obscure to an enthusiastic crowd of 5000 who have packed out the venue, impressively making the space feel intimate in the process.

The Tallest Man on Earth (led by the charismatic Kristian Matsson) played a mix of indie/folk tracks from their newly released fourth album Dark Bird and their classic hits. The tracks from this latest album are mostly accompanied by a full band – perhaps why they worked so well with the Roundhouse acoustics. His full band included a guitarist, two keyboards and an incredible violinist; the strings and keys together creating a pulsating experience.

However even when Kristian Matsson took to the stage solo with just his guitar and funky dance moves, his stage presence and love for his music was infectious. The entire crowd were dancing or swaying to the mood created; the smiles clear for all to see!

At times it sounded quite like traditional American folk but at others more rocky and epic. You can definitely hear how influenced by Bob Dylan the band all are – in a good way! Lyrically it’s incredibly impressive considering English is not Matsson’s first language.

If you ever get the chance to see The Tallest Man on Earth, even if you’re not a big folk fan, I would really recommend going! It’s music that caters to all without being boring and ‘safe’. A wonderful act that would enhance any event, not that they are probably too often available! Still, a superb evening and one that can be wholeheartedly recommended.

Photo by Richard Gray. 



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By Tilly Johnson