Event Review: Christmas at Kew 2015

November 26, 2015

With exactly one month until Christmas Day, five Sternberg Clarkers (the collective term of those who work together at Sternberg Clarke) set off for Kew Gardens, a venue where we supply entertainment for weddings throughout the year! Although we have visited their wonderful floral displays on many occasions, we’d never seen the grounds at night and certainly never lit up. With the fabulous posters to guide us, we were all very excited as we arrived at the world famous botanical gardens in Richmond for Christmas at Kew.

Far be it from us to spoil the experience that you will enjoy but suffice it to say that the evening is an absolutely magical affair, with a variety of projections, audio installations and of course, immaculately maintained trees and flowers to enjoy.

It’s better to discover the delights as you walk along, so if you want to be surprised, stop reading now! If you’re here for the photos however, then feel free to enjoy the few photos that we took.

 There are curtains made of lights (how else would you describe them?), singing holly trees thanks to the work of Brighton-based Ithaca Audio and a variety of exciting artworks on display. A swathe of flames, glorious peacocks and even an illuminated Santa! The work done from suppliers including White Light Ltd and The Stage Management Co. really is brilliant.

   The pièce de résistance of the evening however, is the light show across the lake towards one of the world famous conservatories. A variety of colours light up the building from across the water and as if that’s not enough, fountains spray water in time to classical music.

     A quite remarkable experience that got us fully in the mood for all the Christmas parties about to take place! Just wonderful. For tickets and more information, head on over to the Christmas at Kew website here.



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By Henry Fosdike