Event Preview - Dolce Vita at the Baglioni Hotel

February 08, 2016

Ask a single person what they’re up to on Sunday and they’ll probably shrug because it’s Sunday and nobody plans that far ahead. Ask a disorganised couple what they intend to do this Sunday and they’ll most likely do the same thing. But an organised couple? Now you’re talking! An organised couple will undoubtedly let you know that they’ll be spending the evening at the Baglioni Hotel watching Dolce Vita live.

Naturally you’re probably thinking that you’d planned to take your beau out for a meal but do not fret because that is included in the evening’s entertainment. Yes, guests will be waited on hand and foot throughout a sumptuous four course meal that includes heart-shaped homemade pasta filled with ricotta cheese and black truffle. Wow!

But what exactly is Dolce Vita? As if the name wasn’t obvious enough, the experience channels 1960s Italian glamour in the form of classic American and Italian jazz hits performed by a four piece band, with compositions put together by the fabulous jazz pianist Bruno D’Ambra. With accompaniment from the fabulous voice of Francesca Confortini, numerous Italian singers will be acknowledged with homages throughout the night.

That’s not all! Dolce Vita will not be the only artists performing on the night with a number of guests also on the bill including a passionate tango show from the incredible Paula Duarte as well as an astonishing performance from opera singer Rita Siley. This cabaret is quite simply not to be missed with romance very much the focus of the entire evening.

For tickets and more information please click here and be sure to prepare yourself for a Valentine’s Day to remember for yourself and your partner.

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By Henry Fosdike