Event Pictures: Doolally Tap at Two Temple Place

July 14, 2016

You might be thinking that the entertainment events industry is a young sort of place, the kind of world where only those with a Shoreditch haircut might venture full time. Sure, many businesses that have been running since the early 1900s might hire entertainment for a corporate party or event but by and large, everybody who works to put that evening on – the event planners right through to the entertainment performers - are under thirty and hopelessly addicted to Pokemon Go or Snapchatting their friends with the latest movie filter.

Not so.

 Doolally Tap are the sort of band we all wish we were in. Yes, we’ve long ago put our dreams of headlining Glastonbury behind us (who’d want to deal with all those fans anyway?) and now we think, “You know what? I’d rather look to be in a band that plays at all sorts of cool venues around London, where many people look at my instrument and haven’t a hope in hell of being able to play Wonderwall on it.” Yeah, that kind of band. In short, a New Orleans jazz band for hire.

  We supplied these five brilliant musical performers for a corporate event at Two Temple Place, which happens to be the perfect venue for them. Look at those windows! Not only did the band perform all evening and give guests the time of their life whilst doing so, they also escorted them to the after party after playing.   

 With an infectious foot-stomping live show throughout the night, it’s clear that our clients were overjoyed by the band and the reaction to their vintage tunes. Bold, brassy and blues-infused, Doolally Tap evoked the 1920s spirit of southern America in just a few hours at this corporate event and next time, perhaps they'll perform for you?


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By Henry Fosdike