Event Entertainment Trends for 2017

September 01, 2016

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Who doesn’t love a good event? If our sales enquiry email inbox is anything to go by, there’s an awful lot of you gearing up for a wonderful party, event or wedding next year and we thought it best if we tell you what people are asking for.


 The sixties and seventies continue to be a retro request with soul and Motown leading the way. Let’s be honest, there’s nothing like a little bit of soul to get the party started! Stupidly cool, suave hits that take you back to the era of Motown are very much in right now, with requests going through the roof! Diana Ross, the Four Tops, Marvin Gaye, the Temptations, Stevie Wonder, the Jackson 5… You name it, we have it and it’s flying out the door!

Acoustic Bands

 Now it may just be the fact that the summer brought hot weather and many parties working on a festival theme, but acoustic bands are being booked up in a frenzy for 2017. Everybody’s favourite acoustic trio Wandering Hands are already filling up their calendar to the end of next year and it pays to get in quick. With a number of acoustic bands to choose from, feel free to get in touch below to enquire about the full roster.


 With the rise of technology, it seems that event planners can’t get enough of exciting acts that will blow you away with their technology! It’s not just digital these days but also the incredible use of augmented and virtual reality that has you all excited. Anything that can feasibly be related to the future is also what we’re including in this category, with an obvious love for acts that use copious numbers of LEDs including Nee-On and Supernova.


 Running parallel in number to the requests we’ve received for technology acts, immersive entertainment is very much on the up with a love of all things interactive shining through from the email inbox. Acts such as the Mash Machine, where you can create your own song despite having next to no musical talent, are certainly on the rise and we expect this to increase into 2017.


 Mmm! Who doesn’t love food? Gone are the chocolate fondues of the 1980s and welcomed into the fold are incredible treats like the Edible Mist Orbs. It’s not just the caterers who can wow you with their wares these days (though you should certainly contact them for an actual meal). With amazing creations that include popcorn poppers and chocolate taps, it’s like Willy Wonka’s factory come to life and our inbox is full of requests for these delicious treats.

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By Henry Fosdike