Entertainment Ideas for Summer Garden Parties

February 21, 2013

If you’re anything like the Sternberg Clarke team, you’ve noticed that it’s been getting a little lighter when you leave work lately, there’s still a chill in the air but the cold isn’t quite so biting (and Hey! Look! The Super League is back!) The warmer months are on their way and corporate event planners can finally turn their attention from Winter Wonderland themes to something a bit more Summery.

The same goes for entertainment agencies too, with plenty of acts and themes to suit different occasions, the changing of the seasons means a focus on new and exciting types of entertainment. So with the prospect of outdoor corporate events and private functions on the horizon, we’re offering up a few ideas for Summer Garden Party events. Read on for more.

 The Blind Tigers

Plenty of Jazz ensembles work brilliantly outdoors on warm summer evenings, but no bands quite capture the feel of long, lazy summer nights better than Dixieland Jazz experts The Blind Tigers. From their acoustic instruments (brilliant when there’s no power points outdoors) to their meticulously chosen wardrobe, The Blind Tigers often seem like they were made for outdoor events in summer.

  The Watling Street Band

The moment The Watling Street Band burst into a mockney-pop version of Rihanna’s Umbrella in their audition, the Sternberg Clarke team were smitten. The trio - featuring tuba, drums and banjo – are like one of those quirky little bands that people rave about at festivals, or the kind of oddball act you might find at a village fete. Their unplugged instrumentation and massive repertoire of eclectic covers mean they’re pretty much a sing-along waiting to happen. 

 Lawn Games

After months stuck inside flinging electronic birds at pigs in poorly designed huts, we find guests are itching to get out and stretch their legs when it comes to summer events. Outdoor lawn games offer an old fashioned twist to interactive event entertainment, giving guests a chance to try their hand at anything from croquet to skittles and even giant versions of favourites like chess and Jenga. With no trailing power cables or battery charge levels to worry about, these kinds of games are always a hit at summer parties.

 Steel Band

Though it may seem like wishful thinking to book a Caribbean style Steel Band for an event in the notoriously fickle British Summer, nothing quite creates a summer atmosphere like the music of one of our steel ensembles, available in anything from a duo up to sprawling multi part groups, Steel Bands have an uncanny knack for making our otherwise mild summer months a few degrees warmer.

 Bird Stilts

For outdoor events with a carnival atmosphere, there’s a wealth of themed stilt options available. Our personal favourites though, are the South American inspired ‘Bird of Paradise’ themed stilts which are great for bringing some spectacle to your event entertainment. Freed of the constraints that come with ceilings, outdoor events are an opportunity to add some verticality into proceedings – and what says verticality more than people on stilts dressed as birds? (Other than the less popular ‘400ft Vertical Pole’)

 Body Painted Models

Sometimes it gets so hot you just have to take all of your clothes off and paint yourself in gently cooling body paint. Or at least that’s how it might look to the less experienced event-goer. In truth, body painted models are an inventive way to reinforce a theme at an event. In the past we’ve had models painted with a floral theme to represent spring but they’d work equally well with a summer theme.

 Living Archways

After months of bare trees and bog-like muddy fields, it’s always nice to see a little greenery again when the weather heats up. There are only so many ‘flower’ themed songs you can ask Wandering Hands to play however, so if you want to incorporate the reinvigorated plant-life into your event entertainment, you’ll need to think outside the box. Our living Archways come in a variety of styles that can be altered to suit any theme. Two living statues are decorated with all manner of flowers and plant life and suspended from a large arch; the ‘statues’ are also able to perform additional sets as wandering acts later in the evening.

For more information on hiring entertainment for summer events, head over to our contact page and get in touch.

By Garreth Owen