Emma Jane's Singer Guitarist Auditions

November 21, 2013

New People! New voices, new ideas – it’s what keeps Sternberg Clarke interesting and more importantly, it’s what keep Sternberg Clarke’s blog interesting. So in the interest of interest, perhaps you’d be interested in reading a blog by someone other than ‘that guy’? Thought so.

One of the first tasks handed to new Sternberg Clarke team member Emma Jane was to arrange some auditions with new Singer Guitarists – she did that and here’s what she thought of the whole process.

 The acoustic guitar is one of the most universally recognized instruments there is and guitarists / vocalist combos are many in number, but the truly unique are few and far between. Luckily enough for us at Sternberg Clarke we recently auditioned some string strumming, vocal belting smashers.

From its beginnings as a chordophone thousands of years ago, the guitar has developed into an atmospheric winner where technique and style combined can set the tone beautifully in any environment. The Guitar is a classic party pleaser, but united with a really versatile voice and a distinctive style it becomes a fresh and stylish addition to your event.

Versatility in one’s performance is to stand out from the crowd and is essential when playing the guitar with vocals. This versatility comes from various factors, but most notably the performer’s ability to blend voice and guitar seamlessly as well as being able to perform a range of music – folk, jazz, rock, pop, country, classical and bluegrass, etc. All guitarist/vocalists have a repertoire of covers, but rather than just mimicking your idols, a seamless blend comes from listening to your music and creating it in your own style. This versatility is what makes the guitar and vocalist combination suitable for so many different types of events from a small casual gathering, to a corporate event or wedding.

 Self-penned melodic treats and mash-ups were also another aspect of our recent auditions and were a great addition to their performances with new songs and old complementing one another perfectly. When looking at our recent batch of Guitarist/vocalist auditionees what stood out most was not what they did, but how they did it. Every act had a similar basic repertoire, but with add-ins of new songs and mixed up, re-written styles their performances were full of passion and commitment to their craft. With these new creative, talented acts one can be assured that no matter what type of event a guitarist / vocalist is a smashing solution.

For more information on booking Singer Guitarists for corporate events and private functions, head over to our contact page and get in touch.