Eltham Palace Wedding Showcase on the 28th January

December 21, 2011



It being Christmas and all, weddings aren't the first thing on everyone's mind... save for a select few. So just as a quick reminder, we should mention that once the decorations are down, the Tree is disposed of in an environmentally sound manner and the last Turkey sandwich has been forced down, we'll be right back in the wedding frame of mind in time for Eltham Palace's Wedding Showcase on the 28th of January.

Alice and Hayley will be on hand at the oh-so-desirable wedding venue to discuss all things entertainment with couples planning on holding their ceremony or reception at Eltham Palace.  In the meantime, be sure to check out Alice's blog on what entertainment works best for Weddings at Eltham Palace so that you at least avoid an embarrassing moment at the showcase where she asks if you've read her blog about Entertainment at Eltham Palace and you say "no" and she gets that hurt look in her eyes.

Be sure to follow Eltham Palace (@ElthamPalace) on Twitter for more updates on the Showcase and also keep an eye on our Wedding Twitter Feed (@SC_Weddings) for the best in Entertainment for Weddings.