Vying for your Event - Election Day Game

May 06, 2015

Yes, it’s election day tomorrow. My goodness, what an exciting time! But what if you weren’t voting for politicians, but were instead looking at getting an act for your event? We have put forward six candidates for your event and through the medium of their ‘manifesto’, you can find out which one is perfect for you. All the candidates will be revealed at the bottom of the page but no peeking!


Would you like your act to:

-          Interact with others whilst playing their instruments.

-          Dazzle with their virtuoso performance.

-          Stay mute but showoff to the crowd.

-          Get the youth involved and partying.

-          Leave guests dumbstruck and happy.

-          Look like a hedge.


Would you like your act to be:

-          Strong! Impressive! Bold!

-          The epitome of elegance.

-          A variety. Immersive but also able to stand out if necessary.

-          Dressed in smart/casual clothes.

-          Kind of cool but smart with it. Engaging.

-          Think 'hedge'. 


Hang on, remind us what your venue is like again:

-          It brings the outside, inside. Perfect for human-shaped hedges.

-          Small and cosy.

-          Errr... Fairly big. It can hold a lot of people.

-          Fairly average in size. In terms of attendees, maybe two hundred?

-          It’s a good size. Spacious.

-          It’s great! A bar, a stage and lots of space for interacting.


How long do you want your entertainment to perform?

-          I’d love them to be able to perform on stage but if not, 3 x 45 minutes.

-          Not long. Just enough to wow the crowd!

-          I have no idea. Maybe twenty or thirty minutes? Make it thrilling!

-          The usual time for strolling acts... So 3 x 45 minutes over three hours ideally.

-          Perhaps two hours as background and a twenty minute virtuoso performance, if that’s possible.

-          I don’t really mind as long as they look like a hedge. But let’s say... 3 x 30 minutes. The hedge thing is non-negotiable though.


Are we turning the volume up or down?

-          Let’s turn it up! I want everyone nodding their heads and dancing!

-          I don’t know. Do hedges speak? (Ed: No.)

-          However loud talking is, I’d like that. Thank-you kindly. (Ed: Oh, you are polite. No problem at all.)

-          Completely silent is good.

-          I’d like the sound to be crisp and delicate.

-          Not hugely loud but not quiet either. So...medium loudness?


Wait, what was your event for?

-          Private clientele

-          A child’s birthday party.

-          A real mishmash. I haven’t checked who has replied but something to appeal to young and old, methinks.

-          Hedge enthusiasts.

-          It’s a product launch so people from the corporate world.

-          We’re all under thirty so dare I say ‘young’?

Your answers are in! But which act should you 'vote for' when you next come to book an event?

Mostly answers ending in ‘E’

 The Balanas Sisters! You want something that will impress and appeal to your guests. You want something classy but also amazing. Providing a hint of the exotic and symphonies that will make your jaw drop, the Balanas Sisters are perfect for your event

Mostly answers ending in ‘Y’

 Magician! A perfect strolling act for most events, a magician gets people engaged and interacting as a group. How did he guess the right number of foam rabbits? Where did that deck of cards go? How is my signed card in his wallet? Good questions one and all. Magicians are great for venues of all sizes and work perfectly as a pre- or post-dinner act.

Mostly answers ending in ‘D’

 Brothers of Eden! Performing incredible feats of strength, Brothers of Eden will amaze the attendees of your event or party with their impeccable balancing act. Having previously appeared on Britain’s Got Talent as part of the Series 4 winners Spelbound, they are used to impressing huge crowds and famous faces and are perfect for a short slot to stun an assembled crowd.

Mostly answers ending in ‘G’

 Beatvox! You’re young at heart and want something to get people dancing. That’s why you want Beatvox at your event. Just in time for the arrival of Pitch Perfect 2, you too can enjoy a sumptuous blend of a capella vocals with top drawer beatboxing. Performing a medley of tracks which includes Amy Winehouse, Adele and Queen, there’s sure to be something for everyone.

Mostly answers ending in ‘S’

 Wandering Hands! Ah, you want a strolling act that will get your guests smiling and singing along! Wandering Hands are adept at getting people grooving who were previously not intent on moving (Ed: Great rhyme...) and have performed across the UK and abroad, famed for their repertoire of tunes that goes from the fifties to the present day. A sure fire winner for any occasion.

Mostly answers including the word ‘Hedge’

 Living Topiary! Wow, what a perfect act for your party. It’s almost as though you knew this would be one of the answers. Hmm. Living Topiary are a fun and surprising act for any event, making those of all ages grin from ear-to-ear as the human-shaped hedges ‘come to life’. Perfect for green-fingered fans or those who have no intention of ever holding a trowel, they’ll be an unexpected treat for your guests.




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By Henry Fosdike