Easter Entertainment Activities for Children

March 29, 2016

Although we focus on slightly more expensive entertainment here at Sternberg Clarke, we are a family company and also like to indulge ourselves once in a while, allowing us to take the day off, put our feet up and generally allow ourselves to not only be entertained but in some cases be the entertainment. With the Easter egg hunts already over, many parents are dreading the next two weeks in terms of ‘filling the day’ with various entertainment activities and fun for their kids, all ideally within the holiday budget. Not a problem! Not all of us can afford Butlin’s so here are five solid Easter entertainment activities and ideas for children.

See Zootropolis at the Cinema

 There are a few films out this Easter that might catch the attention of children, with Batman vs. Superman probably high up on the list if they love their action packed Saturday morning television (is that even a thing these days?) However, the film is a 12A and hasn’t exactly been receiving glowing reviews from the critics or fans, so we advise a trip to Disney's Zootropolis at the cinema (if you’re in Germany and reading this then a) why? How did you find us? and b) It’s called Zoomania over there). We’ve seen it and it’s fun, engaging and cute with fantastic world building and a superb early lesson about prejudice. It’s the best film of the year so far, so see it! If you have a Cineworld Unlimited card, head out on a Tuesday or Wednesday with your little one and it's practically a free! A super film from the House of Mouse.

Play Real Life Where’s Wally?

 “Hold up, what?! This is a thing?!” We can hear your cries from here as you read the headline. Nothing screams entertainment like this life size Where’s Wally? game at The Shard. It might not be the cheapest outing for you and your young family, but it is probably the one that most screams ‘event entertainment’ and let’s be honest, there’s always one day in Easter where you end up splashing the cash a little more. The best bit about allowing your children to play the game is you can relax and enjoy the incredible views at this stunning venue… Or join in yourself. Can you spot Wally, Wenda, Woof, Wilma, Wizard Whitebeard and Odlaw?

Play a Board Game

  No, don’t run away! Come back! Some people hear the words ‘board game’ and think about the soul crushing drudgery of playing Monopoly for six hours, rolling the dice, heading to jail and wondering why you’re still at the table considering it was clear you’d lose three hours previously. No, what we mean are the brilliant family games like Camel Up, where you get to bet on a camel race, and Colt Express, a Western-themed game where you rob passengers, shoot fellow cowboys and attempt to evade the sheriff! Both games won the coveted ‘Spiel des Jahres’ prize in Germany, which put simply is the best family game of the year. We’ve played both and with friends and family of all ages, they both go down a storm. The best bit about Colt Express? You’re playing on a 3D train! The best bit about Camel Up? You roll the dice by turning a 3D pyramid upside down. Come on, you know want to give them a go! Both cost £20 and you’ll get hours of fun out of both.

Visit the V&A Museum of Childhood

 We love putting on events at the V&A and with their sister museum in Bethnal Green, the Museum of Childhood, they give parents a chance to show children what toys used to be like ‘back in the day’. They’ve played a blinder this Easter because as well as free entry, guests are able to enjoy an exhibition that looks into the work of Oliver Postgate and Peter Firmin’s puppets. Their names might not mean anything to you but their creations certainly will; you’ll be able to meet Bagpuss, the Clangers, see the Soup Dragon and ogle Noggin the Nog. You’ll also be able to go behind the scenes of Pogles Wood and Ivor the Engine! The children will no doubt enjoy making their own version of the Soup Dragon and be fascinated by the thousands of toys on display but let’s be honest, this is one where you’re basically treating yourself! Ah, wonderful.

Learn a Skill

 For our final piece of advice, we just have to say it, but why not have your children learn a skill and that way, they can be the entertainers of the future! Maybe they have an interest in dance or are fascinated to learn the piano; perhaps they love the wonders of Dynamo and Derren Brown and wish to learn magic? Or maybe they will be fascinated by the small puppets on display at the V&A and decide they want to know how to make their own Clangers costume? Whatever their interest, look into making this an Easter to remember! Yes, make it the Easter where they discovered their favourite kind of entertainment, a passion that they will enjoy the rest of their lives.

We hope you have enjoyed these Easter event entertainment ideas for the family and if you do find your children wanting to know more about any of them then feel free to look around the site and see where they may end up getting to perform!

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By Henry Fosdike