Dylan Moran @ Eventim Apollo - Comedy Review

November 15, 2018

With the rest of the country hearing yet another twist in the neverending story that is Brexit, we traipsed over to Hammersmith and the Eventim Apollo to watch one of the finest comedians of the nineties, Dylan Moran, a Perrier Award winner at the Edinburgh Fringe no less.

Dylan Moran is now slightly older and much of his comedy focuses on this fact. Aging, the lack of memory – the whole first half is less than thirty minutes as he admits after the break that he forgot a good chunk of his act – and trying to wonder where the hell time goes are all focal points of his performance as he admits that he has given up wine for a bit, just to see the world as it used to be when he was a kid. “The days are definitely longer,” he notes.

There’s a carefree attitude to his comedy these days, in truth there always was, but now it’s even more evident as he shrugs his way through life. “In the past you’d have to come up with an excuse for skipping an event whereas now you can just say no,” during one of his more memorable rants about dinner parties. “You either have to cook for them in your home or you have to go theirs and both are worse.”

He riffs on the differences between those aged under 25 – the Internet people – and those over 25 – the real people. He says it with a wry smile, he has a teenager himself these days, and comes out with a great joke about how women know everything and men know nothing. How does he know that? “Try looking through a photo album with your Dad.”

Dylan Moran has always come across like his characters on screen be they Bernard from Black Books or Rufus the Thief in the opening minutes of Notting Hill; he’s still dishevelled and puts out an air of not really caring but that’s what makes his lines so great, as he wonders why two people might be together. “She’s elegant, insightful, amazing and then you look at her husband who’s like a fridge in a river.”

We could go on and on quoting the fabulous one-liners and similes that Moran comes up with throughout his routine – comparing cats to Alan Rickman gets the largest laugh of the night – and there will still be cleverer moments that we might have forgotten. Dylan Moran at the Eventim Apollo was a fun night and this was a great tour to rediscover this Irish great.



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By Henry Fosdike