Top 5 Drum Ensembles

October 21, 2013

What can you say about drumming? What’s there to drumming? Hit a thing with a stick, right? Maybe to the uninitiated, but as anyone schooled in the ways of corporate event entertainment knows, there’s plenty more to drums, drummers and drumming than mere skin thwacking.

We featured the brilliant LED drummers the other day in our blog on Light Entertainment and it’s got us thinking about drummers in general. Aside from comprising the backbone of all manner of musical ensembles, drums can be used in all kinds of ways as a feature in their own right. So today, we’re offering up our Top 5 Drum Ensembles for corporate events and private functions. 

 Bateria / Samba Drummers

Meaning “drum kit” in Spanish and Portuguese, the word ‘Bateria’ also refers to the rhythm section of a Brazilian Samba Band and makes use of a variety of percussion instruments to build a vibrant, multi-textured sound that’s perfect for creating a carnival atmosphere at events. Like many of the drum acts on this list, Samba Drummers work especially well at the start of an event, offering a visually arresting and energetic option to kick off proceedings.

 Aerial Drummers

How did we miss out Aerial Drummers in our post on Aerial Entertainment Ideas? Were we saving them for this post? Do we plan out these blogs that far in advance? (Ummm) Combining the thrill of aerial circus performance with the ‘loud banging’ of drums – our Aerial Drummers offer a breathtaking display that sees them fly through the air at up to 8 meters per-second while they create a pulse-pounding rhythmic soundscape. I don’t know about you, but I can’t get anything done when I’m flying through the air on cables. Multi-taskers, ppfffft.

Taiko Drummers

Exotic, theatrical and endlessly versatile – our Taiko drummers turn a traditional Japanese form of percussion into something thrillingly modern. The word Taiko refers to a broad range of Japanese drums that were used for everything from military action to theatrical entertainment. With a full show that combines dramatic lighting, painstaking choreography and stunning costumes, Taiko drummers are a guaranteed show-stopper at any event and they’ve proved hugely popular with clients looking to give guests something truly different.

Dhol Drummers

Dhol Drums are  widely used throughout India, Bangladesh and Pakistan and have proved a popular accompaniment to Bhangra dancers at corporate events with an Indian theme. These Double headed Drums are played with two sticks of different sizes and thicknesses with the player tightening and loosening the skins with a series of strings, all of which allows skilled performers to get an astonishing range of tones and rhythms out of their drums. Dhol drummers regularly play a part in Indian celebratory events and their joyous performances make for enthralling viewing.

Puncture Kit – Bicycle Drum Kit

We’ve been all over the world in this look at drummers for events; Japan, India, Brazil, The Air – but only one of these drum based acts is about the journey as well as the destination. Tired of trying to lug his drum kit on the tube drummer, designer and cyclist David Osborne combined his three passions (drumming, designing and cycling) to create the Bike Drum Kit. It’s no gimmick either, David’s skill as a percussionist allows him to play pieces influenced by breakbeat, Latin, jungle, funk and African music. It’s hard to imagine an audience getting tyred of this act, though maybe I spoke too soon... I bet he - don’t pull that face at me. Yes, that face...

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By Garreth Owen