Digital Paparazzi, Magic and Beatboxing in Birmingham

November 29, 2013

If we’re being brutally honest – and brutal honesty is a big part of running the blog of an entertainment agency – we could all use a little more Hollywood razzle dazzle in our everyday lives. It’s part of the reason why Adam Sternberg still practices his Oscar acceptance speech in the mirror when he thinks no one’s looking (even though his Hamlet is widely reviled and his screen presence is best described as ‘poorly varnished pine’.) It’s also why so many event planners opt to introduce some red carpet magic into the proceedings and at this recent event in Birmingham we helped the client conjure the excitement of a Hollywood film premiere.

 Guests at the event were given the full celebrity treatment as they entered the venue, making their way down the red carpet to the flashing cameras of our Digital Paparazzi photographers (Top) who snapped shots of guests with vintage cameras as they arrived at the event. Also waiting on to pounce were magicians Tom and Dan (Above) who performed a mix of close-up magic and iPad tricks (all the while looking very smart... very smart indeed.)  

 After running the red carpet gauntlet, guests were in for even more surprises in the form of our Break Dancing Waiters who performed alongside acclaimed UK Beatboxer Hobbit on stage. Our contemporary twist on the Singing Waiters concept made for a thrilling visual accompaniment to Hobbit’s blistering beatboxing display. And, like any good movie premiere, if guests were so inclined, they could enjoy the performance with a bag of what I believe the kids are calling “popped corn” from our popcorn stall.

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By Garreth Owen