Different Types of Flash Mob for your Event

May 20, 2019

When it comes to surprises at corporate events, there is nothing quite like a flash mob. A few years ago, they were everywhere and it was hard to actually attend an event without somebody you’d previously been talking to jumping in the air, delivering a choice lyric and rushing to the stage along with five of their colleagues. Things have settled down since then so a flash mob has gone back to actually being the jubilant surprise it was always intended to be. In this blog we run through a number of different types of flash mob for your event.

Singing Waiters


 The original flash mob idea that started it all! Singing Waiters ingratiate themselves with the waiting staff at an event, delivering canapés and drinks to all, before putting down their tray and donning their dancing shoes when their big moment arrives! Still hugely popular at both weddings and corporate events, singing waiters always go down a storm.

Stand Up Opera


 For those who have experienced singing waiters before and want something even more surprising, Stand Up Opera is a different type of flash mob that is guaranteed to astonish. Delivering a raffle that goes in an unexpected direction, two opera singers deliver a scripted performance that is both hilarious and filled with operatic splendour! Stand Up Opera is suited for all events but works particularly well at corporate engagements and award ceremonies.

Breakdancing Waiters


 Why do the waiters only have to sing? The answer of course is that they don’t! Our breakdancing waiters follow the same approach to flash mobs as the singing waiters but when the times comes, rather than bursting into song they surprise with a dynamic breakdancing show that is guaranteed to impress. Able to pose as chefs or guests alongside waiters, nobody will be expecting their entertaining routine!

Circus Performers


 Last year we were asked to provide a surprising and exciting evening of entertainment for Visit Britain at Church House. The idea we hit upon was to provide ‘actors’ in elaborate masquerade-style costumes that walked among guests for the first half of the evening during the arrival drinks. These curious individuals then led attendees into the main hall, dropped their costume and revealed that they were in fact incredible circus performers! It was a truly unique way to wow the crowd.

As you can see, there are many different types of flash mob for your event. Which one will you be booking?

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By Henry Fosdike