Diana: Her Fashion Story Launch @ Kensington Palace

March 09, 2017

Last week, we had a fantastic time at Historical Royal Palace’s launch of the fabulous Diana: Her Fashion Story exhibition at Kensington Palace. The Princess of Wales was a renowned fashion icon before her untimely death in 1997 and this superb celebration of her life takes us through the evolution of her fashion tastes. From the romantic, demure outfits of her early life to the sparkling, confident dresses later on, this is definitely worth seeing for anybody interested in Diana. What’s more, it called for a spectacular launch party, which we were only too happy to help with.

The great and good from the event and fashion worlds came together to enjoy the opening of Diana: Her Fashion Story, with a delightful accompaniment of canapés and drinks to truly toast the wonderful occasion. Working in conjunction with Historical Royal Palaces events teams and a number of other suppliers including Tabletalk and Hayford and Rhodes, we had a fab evening as showcased in these photos from event and wedding photographer, Lilly Sells.

    As any brilliant event planner knows, the secret to a successful launch evening requires some fabulous entertainment to keep spirits up and guests entertained whilst waiting for the speeches and other such delights to begin. With this in mind, we felt that The Blind Tigers were the perfect choice, supplying some light jazz vibes that went down superbly with those in attendance. Known for their vibrant music and fantastic performances infused with personality, they really are a hit wherever they play.

  In addition to the music, we wanted the event to wow attendees and to that end, Maddox the magician was a must have. Tying in nicely with the launch of Magic Month, his tricks were the talk of the room (well, along with Diana’s dresses) as he produced cards from nowhere! How on earth do they do it? Magic really is the perfect ice breaker and always produces some tremendous photos, as you can see in this blog!

  As the evening continued, it was clear though that the main centre piece of the occasion spoke for itself. Diana: Her Fashion Story was a gorgeous exhibition and we highly recommend a visit. We have already gone back already and here is Eleaner’s review.

‘The highly anticipated new exhibition at Kensington Palace, Diana: Her Fashion Story, offers a beautiful glimpse into the late princess' wardrobe. Guests are invited to view the collection of outfits worn at some of the most iconic and remembered moments throughout her life.

Pieces include the midnight-blue velvet gown - worn whilst dancing with John Travolta at the White House, the ‘Elvis Dress’, made completely from silk, pearls and sequins and the famous ice blue, gold beaded Versace number, which Diana was pictured in for the cover of Harper’s Bazaar magazine.

Being one of the most photographed women in the world, this exhibition displays the evolving journey both Diana’s style and British fashion and design experienced over two decades. A must see.’

         Our huge thanks must go to Kensington Palace and the other suppliers involved in helping to put on a wondrous evening, as well as Lilly Sells for her photography. Diana: Her Fashion Story runs until 2018 and you can purchase tickets here.



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By Henry Fosdike