Depp, Pitt, Pirates and Puppets: Look-alikes and Nina Conti at BAFTA

May 28, 2011



Swab the Decks! Walk the Planks! Batten down the hatches, or perhaps I should say BAFTA'n down the hatches? No, you're right, I shouldn't - I don't know what came over me, there's just something about seeing a Johnny Depp look-alike swanning around at an event in his full Pirates of the Caribbean costume, that brings out the swashbuckler in me.


As part of Lloyd's "Laser" recognition event at BAFTA, we supplied a bevy of big screen Look-alikes to give the event a star studded feel fitting for the venue; from the aforementioned Mr Depp to his seafaring partner Keira Knightley as well as the Silver Screen power couple du jour "Brangelina". The event at BAFTA was intended to celebrate and recognise Lloyd's top performers from their workforce with guests from all levels of the company. Cashiers brushed shoulders with CEOs as they swapped tales of daring-do (or at least, daring financial/administrative-do) with Captain Jack over drinks and canapés.


Providing a focal point for the evening were Magician Nigel Mead and Comedy Puppeteering genius Nina Conti who performed a stage show in which she turned one of the guests into a real life puppet. Not to be outdone in the interactivity stakes, Nigel performed a hands on Magic show with plenty of audience participation that had the guests gasping with amazement.


But the real stars of the show were the guests from Lloyds themselves who were presented with medals in an awards ceremony honouring their achievements over the last year. And who better to present them than our Brad Pitt-alike, offering a nice switch-around considering it's normally Brad that's getting the awards (Although, never a BAFTA or an Oscar. Bit of Trivia for you there...)

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