Dare to Dance: Creating a bespoke Dance Show

February 04, 2011

So secret are our Dance rehearsals that we can't even show you a picture - this is the Dance Attic in Fulham though, we definitely went there.

This week we have been lucky enough to spend some time at the wonderful Dance Attic in Fulham to hold auditions for a small dance troupe. Jane and I watched a brilliant array of dancers leaping, flipping, popping and performing all manner of moves that I'm pretty sure I'd be able to do too if I was wearing the right footwear. Yes indeed.

We're in the process of creating a mini musical theatre show which will be an all singing all dancing take on some of the top musicals in the West End at the moment. You see, it's not all Jazz bands and DJs here – we're more than ready to put together bespoke shows for corporate or private events and get involved in every step of the way. That means auditioning dancers, working with choreographers, rehearsing and sometimes even arranging music to fit the event. It's extremely hard work but also really enjoyable. The hardest part is keeping what we're rehearsing a secret – we don't want to spoil the surprise before the big event so we can't even talk about it here on the blog. Just hold on, we'll tell soon.

By the end of next week our wonderful dancers will be ready to be booked for all kinds of corporate or private entertainment. If your employees have been enjoying the latest season of Glee or perhaps they choose to spend the majority of their wages on tickets to Wicked or Mamma Mia, then why not carry that excitement over into your events? A show stopping dance performance or big musical number can be just the thing to kick off a company party or even a wedding reception and we're more than happy to tailor the performance to suit your needs.