Dance Month Q&A: Katie Love from So You Think You Can Dance

February 21, 2012



As part of our ongoing celebration of all things Dance in February, we've been speaking to a few of our favourite dance performers and asking their thoughts on Dance at Corporate Events. We've already shared our conversation with Tommy Franzen and today it's the turn of fellow So You Think You Can Dance contestant Katy Love who became a firm audience favourite thanks to her boundless energy, lively personality and ever changing hair colour.

Katy was kind enough to answer a few questions about her background in ballet, her time performing on cruise ships and dancing at corporate events. Read on for more...

Hi Katie, how are you?

Im very well thank you for asking.

How would you best describe what you do?

I'm a professional dancer and performer, who has a passion for choreography and production.  

How did you get in to Dance and was there anyone in particular who inspired you to become a dancer?

I grew up learning ballet, tap and jazz and I used to compete in dance festivals around the country. I just always loved watching dance and going to the theatre. My mum took me to see Cats the musical when I was about eight years old, and I think I just got the bug!

I read that your parents sent you to dance classes at 2 years-old to cure your shyness... Firstly how exactly can you tell if a 2 year-old is shy? And more importantly, do you think Dance is a good way to get over your inhibitions?

I think my mum sent me to ballet to get me talking to people. Which she now regrets because thats all I do! I think Dance is a great way to get over inhibitions. You must learn how to overcome nerves, and strive to be better each time. Dance is a discipline, but its also just fun. Every time is different. Dance is unique, so everyone can enjoy it.   
You worked on Cruise Ships for a while, how did you find that experience?

I must admit that I found dancing on a cruise ship quite challenging. I loved the travel and the culture, but the job wasn't right for me. I felt there was something else for me to do... on dry land! But the experience was fantastic and audiences are so enthusiastic on the ships. They really love the entertainment.

How was the experience of appearing in ‘So You Think You Can Dance’? Has it boosted your profile in the Corporate Market?

'So You Think...' was the most incredible experience of my life. I just loved every minute. Working in TV and seeing how the production was put together was strange but  fabulous! I was very grateful to be there. It has boosted my profile I guess. I have been asked to perform and appear at several events which is an honour. I've met some great people and done some lovely work. I have also been able to promote myself and my company with workshops and productions and the response has been amazing. I owe a lot to the show and the support people gave me throughout.

What’s the strangest ‘space’ you’ve had to work in?

I once did a Burlesque styled gig in a pub in Dartford. It was Death Metal-battle of the bands and there were some very interesting characters and costumes out that night. That was probably the strangest and loudest space i've been in!

If you were working with a corporate client; how would you use dance to embody the identity of a product or brand?

Dance is so versatile and can literally be moulded to create an idea or an image. Dance is a physical live art form; its emotive and universal so its a great platform for new ideas. Dance can be entertaining and enjoyable, likewise it can be abstract and provocative. I would bare this in mind when developing new ideas and images through dance.  

The guests at a corporate event are likely to be less ‘dance-literate’ than an audience who has paid to come specifically to see one of your shows. Do you approach audiences differently depending on their knowledge of dance?  

With my company, we aim to create unique, high standard work. Striving to be the best and making each performance better than the last is very important. I think performances are always unique to the specific event or audience, but they should always maintain their standard.

Where can people see you perform next?

I'm performing at various events and judging competitions etc so no big shows at this time, but I am currently developing a new production with my company and will hopefully be showcasing something later in the year. Details will be updated on the website so please support De:fault Theatre with our future ventures!

Anything else you’d like to plug?

I wouldn't dream of plugging myself! But if I were to sneak in a cheeky plug, I would mention my company website If anybody might be interested in workshops or anything at all, please do get in touch. Also, if anyone might be interested in booking any dance or performance work from myself or members of my company, please get in touch with the lovely people at Sternberg Clarke and I'm sure they can help you out!

Thanks Katie!