Dance Month: Favourite Dance Moments from Film and Television

February 06, 2012


 As we're celebrating Dance all throughout February at Sternberg Clarke, what better time to start talking about Our Favourite Dance Bits in Films and TV and Whatnot? I - for one - can think of no better time, so we threw the question out to the office.

Charlotte Ward-Caddle - Top Hat "Cheek to Cheek"

Let's kick off with a stone cold classic; Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers iconic routine set to Irving Berlin from the 1935 movie Top Hat  in which Rogers insisted on wearing her own feathery creation which looked, to quote Astaire "like a chicken attacked by a coyote" when in motion. Ah, the perils of costuming.

Adam Sternberg - West Side Story "Prologue"

When the Sternberg Clarke team run into another entertainment company at an Event, the scene that ensues is not dissimilar from the Sharks v Jets opening to West Side Story. Similarly, if any of the team are found to be fraternising with a rival entertainment supplier - they'll face violent consequences for betraying the very  same 'Multicoloured Swirl' they swore allegiance to when they started here.

Julia Middleton - Singin' in the Rain "Good Mornin'"

Maybe it's these past few days doing work experience at Sternberg Clarke, but lately every A.M. feels like this scene from 1952's Singin' In The Rain. If only all workplaces were so accommodating to early morning tap performances.

Garreth Owen - Community "Interpretive Dance"

While the "Interpretive Dance" episode isn't exactly a blueprint for a dance performance at a corporate event - it is very funny and features a heartwarming conclusion in which High School Jock Troy whips off velcro jeans to rescue Britta's faltering tap performance through the medium interpretive dance, thereby melding the two disperate disciplines in much the same was as we do with our act Ballet Pole...

Jane Moore - Feris Bueller - "Twist and Shout"

I think its going to have to be the mass 'Twist and Shout' Dance Scene from Ferris Bueller. You just can’t beat a mass dance off. In my view one of the first big flash mobs. T Mobile owe a huge debt to this scene by my reckoning. My favourite section is the young people doing a sequence dance on the stairs. It’s a classic. If ever there was a section in a film that makes you want to cuddle a stranger then there it is. Right there with the lovely Mathew Broderick.

Ben Lloyd Evans - Shooting Stars "Skanking #3"

Shooting Stars has featured a few inspired musical and dance numbers but Vic and Bob’s Skanking Dance number 3 in particular sticks in my mind. I particularly like the moment at 00.14 when Bob hands over to Vic for his instrumental solo, but Bob keeps his leg moving to the beat. He doesn’t do that in all the Skanking dances and it’s my favourite bit. That and Vic’s expression. Dance doesn't always have to be a thing of grace and beauty, sometimes it can be really, really funny.

Sarah Thorniley Walker - Pulp Fiction "You Never Can Tell"

Having had the dance scene from The Inbetweeners Movie rejected for being "Too Sweary", all that's left to do is wax lyrical about that old cinematic chestnut; Pulp Fiction in which a slightly bloated John Travolta shuffles his way through Chuck Berry's 'You Never Can Tell' with the help of an Aristocats-channelling Uma Thurman to win a dance contest at a 50s themed 'Burger Joint'... and somehow comes off being 'cool'...

Watch the video Here

Sophie McCarthy - Singin' In the Rain "Moses Supposes"

There are, of course, a great many memorable dance scenes in Singin' in the Rain and the iconic 'scene of Gene Kelly dancing around a lamp-post has already been turned into a pretty incredible male-pole-dance routine courtesy of English Gent Hamish McCann. But for me, the winner is Moses Supposes, which seems like a master class in bewildered audience participation... They just don’t make ‘em like that anymore. I am referring to the men and the film.

Alice Chorley - Dirty Dancing "Time of My Life"

A piece of pop culture so pervasive, there's a reference to it on the dance page of the Sternberg Clarke website (see if you can spot it.) So what if, in a film supposedly set in the 60s, the scene is sound tracked by a treacly slice of Smooth FM-ready radio fluff - it's got all the Swayze a girl or boy needs. It's an absolute classic at weddings too, with many a couple wanting to recreate the scene for their first dance; but here's a pro tip from a wedding entertainment booker... lessons... lots of lessons...

Watch The Video Here

Now that we've had our turn, we'd like to throw the same question out to you, the humble blog-reader... What are your favourite Dance scenes and how would you use them as inspiration for Corporate Event Entertainment?

Let us know in the comments...