Cup Final Magic: Champions League Pre-Match Entertainment

June 07, 2011



Hot on the heels of our Reenacted Court Cases for Heineken’s Champions League Sponsors Party, we were once again involved with the Champions League Final for their Pre Match Entertainment.

I didn't like these jugglers at first, but they've GLOW-N on me.

Exciting as the Champions League Final can be, for some it’s not exciting enough. Sure, the game itself is exciting – but what about all that time before? An expanse of empty hours lies in front of jittery fans as they wait for the culmination of a year of shouting at men in shorts.

Our magicians looking like they're going to present some kind of magic version of Match of the Day

In an attempt to fill those nervous hours, Ticket holders to this years final were invited to attend the Champions League Pre Final Party at Wembley Stadium and given the chance to take their mind off the matter in hand with some of Sternberg Clarke’s top magic and circus acts.

"I don't want to be Wayne Rooney any more, I want to be a Sternberg Clarke Magician"

Firstly, nothing takes the edge off a nervous Manchester United fan like 5 brilliant magicians performing close-up magic tricks. Cards appeared in mouths, lead weights appeared as if from nowhere and the fans in attendance almost forgot what it was they came here for; “Was it not for the magic? … Where am I? Who is Messi and why am I wearing his clothes?”

John Inverdale takes to the stage

Also on hand to entertain guests were our 8 Gandini Glow Jugglers performing an illuminating show that was displayed on huge screens around the venue. Guests spotted enjoying the entertainment were notable football folk such as Alan Hansen, Gianfranco Zola and Sven Goran Eriksson.The whole event had the feel of a family fun day as adults and children alike were delighted by the acts on display.

Fans of heavy duty punditry were tripping over informed footballing opinion from Ray Wilkins, Gianfranco Zola and Alan Hansen
Sadly, the fans had to leave eventually and endure the spectacle of two thoroughly ordinary teams compete for some trophy or other, all the while longing to be back inside picking cards and watching hands very closely.

Guests enjoying some tricks from one of our top magicians

Our jugglers prepare for their big performance

"I'd like you to stare at that glass while I take a look at the card you gave me"... classic misdirection.